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Hello, my name is Daniel Wakefield Pasley. I am a mammal-eating plant-based Anthropologist, Activator and aspiring Deck Wizard. From Maryland. I am the voice of Mythical State Of. Websites are dead. Blogs are dead. This is a blog on a website. #skate-bikes-not-boards

This is the first part of a two-part Public Service Announcement called Reach for the Dream: An Illustrated Guide to Livin’ the Custom Life.

Reaching for the Dream includes but is not limited to: being all that you can be, attaining enlightenment, achieving self-actualization, reaching for the stars/daring to dream, and, of course, Livin’ the Custom Life, #customlife. The advantages to Livin’ the Custom Life, a life full of presence of mind, intention, visualization, self-expression and manifestation, is remarkably great and extraordinarily profound. If you know why Livin’ the Custom Life is paramount to your existence, and are ready to learn more about about Reaching for the Dream, please proceed to paragraph three. If you are still unclear why Reaching for the Dream is paramount to your existence, please read on.

Manual for Speed is not qualified to discuss the particulars. In lieu of that, and if you can’t or simply won’t trust us outright, please immediately consult a Life Coach, Athletic Coach, Psychologist, Guru, Shaman, Maharishi, Neighbor, Friend, Mother, Buddha, Mentor, etc.—someone you do trust. Once you’re up to SPEED SPEED SPEED please proceed to paragraph three. There’s no rush! This is not a contest. God works in mysterious ways and all that. Point is, when YOU are ready to Reach for the Dream, this eternally relevant and artfully effective Public Service Announcement will be here!

Congratulations!, YOU are ready to Reach for the Dream, i.e., you are ready to start the first day of your new life and/or at the very least, to reaffirm some of your most favorite and productive inclinations, proclivities and tendencies.

An Illustrated Guide to Livin’ the Custom Life

Find inspiration, have an idea!

The first and most fundamental step to Livin’ the Custom Life is inspiration. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, inspiration is everywhere. It’s a fundamental part of the natural world. It’s in the way a stranger picks her nose on the Metro. It’s the result of dehydration and sleep deprivation. It’s in a forgotten Polaroid, in a abstruse fashion magazine, in a sunset from two years ago, in a howling wolf tableau airbrushed onto the side of a van, etc. etc.

Don’t think, feel! Don’t look, see! Be open! Be receptive and present and when the thought comes, regardless of how ridiculous or strange or potentially illegal, run with it, see where it takes you, go for a ride! DARE TO DREAM!

For example, one evening in late 2013 somewhere in Northern Nevada, Manual for Speed had a conversation about Space Animals living in pyramids writing a screenplay about Harriet Tubman. Four months later Emiliano’s wife bought their baby daughter (@babyqueso), 4 months at the time, a Kenzo onesie, and then suddenly it all came together at once. Like it does with The Quickening. We knew with absolute certainty the universe wanted us to create the most daring, most audacious, most Future Circus, most custom bicycle-based Performance Art LookBook ever conceived.

Create a plan aka ‘Brief’.

The second step to Livin’ the Custom Life is writing down your thoughts and editing them into a semi-intelligible, absolutely inspiring/instructive/effective communication tool. In the Biz, that written tool is called a ‘Creative Brief’. The purpose of a Creative Brief is to aid a Professional (designer, artists, craftsman, etc.) in expertly interpreting your vision. For example, here is unadulterated transcript of our Future Circus Creative Brief:

Dear XXXXX & XXXXXX, we want you to build us two (one each) Manual For Speed World’s Fair Bicycles to be photographed, demonstrated and paraded for a years time. The focus of this project will be a Public Service Announcement and a Look book featuring at least one live circus bear, a bearded lady, three genuine High School Science Fair winners, four fire jugglers and numerous Human Athletes shot on location in a recently decommissioned Sea World, in the style of frank stella x kenzo x barry mcgee x hermes x tie dye x dries van noten x riff raff x major lazer x space.

Contact a professional, share your dream, and give them your trust!

The third step to Livin’ the Custom Life is finding the right Professional, and trusting them!!!!!! Do your research, trust your research.

For example, after several months of deliberation and research, Manual for Speed contacted Sacha White of Vanilla/Speedvagen1and Ben Farver of Argonaut Bicycles regarding the aforementioned Future Circus. We’re not saying they make the best steel and carbon fiber bicycles, respectively, in the world, but we are definitely not saying that they don’t make the best steel and carbon fiber bicycles in the world. What we are saying, like for suresies, is this: We had a vision, and they understood our vision, in fact, they contributed substantially to it. And that is EXACTLY what you want from your Professional. That, and some Trust. Because while your Creative Brief is, we’re sure, totally fucking excellent, a Professional’s contributions and interpretations of said Creative Brief should push your vision further and farther and harder than ever imagined. In the very near future we have the main thrust of this Public Service Announcement and a Lookbook to present to YOU.

Official Reach for the Dream Kit – Surprise Me™ Edition

In celebration of this Public Service Announcement and the art of Livin’ the Custom Life, Manual for Speed is now offering a Surprise Me™ version of our Official Reach for the Dream Kit designed in collaboration (aka entirely!!!!) by World Famous Attaquer. A design process, incidentally, so glorious and so ambitious, Castelli aka An Unfair Advantage had to completely upgrade their computer system in order to produce kit this Watershed, #truestory. The Surprise Me™ version of the Official Reach for the Dream Kit includes a number of components (i.e socks, hats, etc.) that will NOT be included in the traditional “sight seen” manner. Bottom line, if you trust Manual for Speed explicitly with $275.00, you will get some nearly-free shit that nobody else will ever have, regardless if they’re willing to pay for it.

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