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2018 Tulsa Tough

Dear Tulsa Tough racers, fans and rando citizens who wander by at some point during the weekend because you recognize the chance to see some NASCAR-looking shit go down which means maybe even some crashes and/or maybe you just made a wrong turn and now you’re curious about the fuck is happening. It doesn’t matter who you are. What matters is this: Manual for Speed is coming back! I know I know, last year we fucked up. That’s fine. I understand the need to point that out as though we’d forgotten. But check this out. We’ve talked to the race organizers and they’ve welcomed us back. That’s a true story. Before I go any further let’s get some details straightened out:

  1. I, Daniel Wakefield Pasley, have an official USAC Cat 3 License. Proof is available on request. I’m happy to text you an iPhone shot or give you my USAC login info.
  1. We’re bringing lots of socks.
  2. We’re not doing Knife Fights this year, we’re doing Most Animal Primes. What’s the difference? Five-hundred bucks. 500 USD is the difference. And you still get some socks.
  3. I don’t even know if I’m racing, I’m waitlisted. More on that at a later date.
  4. However, I am for sure participating in the ACE Challenge and I have committed to riding on the front as much as possible in an effort to get as many participants over the finish line in under the five-hour cutoff as possible. That’s right, I’m going to domestique for the whole field to the best of my abilities, for 100.4 miles. And then, assuming I get in, I’m going to race the Saturday evening crit.

“If you’re religious, or maybe just into alliteration, you can think of this as Pasley’s Penance.”

And that’s that. For more on the $500.00 Prime situations—and your chance to win one of two pairs of 100% Speedcraft sunglasses that we will be “awarding” over the course of the weekend—please revisit this website (or our ‘gram, whatever you’re into) several times over the next 24 hours.

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