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Hello, my name is Daniel Wakefield Pasley. I am a mammal-eating plant-based Anthropologist, Activator and aspiring Deck Wizard. From Maryland. I am the voice of Mythical State Of. Websites are dead. Blogs are dead. This is a blog on a website. #skate-bikes-not-boards

“I’ve dedicated my life to Performance Journalism™.”

Why? Great question. Because the world needs it and humanity depends on it. Without it we could be looking at a culture best defined as what happens when Idiocracy and 1984 fuck on a copy of a Kinfolk on an Ikea coffee table in the green room on the set of The Handmaid’s Tale. Sure sure, pretty alarmist stuff, but the ALARMS SHOULD BE GOING OFF!

“What is PJ™ exactly? And why is it important?”

  1. First, it’s pseudo- or “street-” cultural anthropology in an effort to understand our recreational impulses and the recreational impulses of those we might describe as Other. Recreation is how we spend all of our free time and money, it’s the purest and simplest look into who we are as a culture. Our hopes and dreams. Our proclivities and priorities. Our Nerds and Warriors.
  2. Second, it’s the Discovery of Everything. It’s a celebration of curiosity. Without curiosity and wonder and humor and the exchange of stuff, we’re lost. Don’t stay in your lane. Don’t live a monolithic vertical torrent of oneness and sameness. Borrow, exchange, mix, blend, sample. SEE NEW SHIT. FEEL NEW SHIT. Expand your mind.
  3. Third, it’s Public Service Announcements or PSAs. = Explore, Engage, Entertain. Social marketing. Dissmentation. This is the tool, the method, the content approach, the channel, the media, the art, the story.
  4. Last, it’s “Experiencing”, let’s do this together, let’s share stuff. Let’s be in this together. Let’s live it and do it. Let’s connect. Touch the world.
  5. ***And also it’s about bikes because bikes happen at an average of 18mph and 18mph has been scientifically proven to be the very most right speed at which to experience the world and time. Another way of thinking about it would be to say that bikes are a portal into another dimension, aka “the perfect transformation tool.” Transform your physical reality, your emotional state, your metaphysical particulars, etc. Transformation is change. Bike = change.***

PJ™ requires tactical travel and tactical travel requires the right fashion and equipment tools. That’s why Myth State Of commissioned Los Angeles-based Yanco to create a Performance Journalism™ capsule collection of custom travel bags made to our exacting PJ™ standards. And that’s why Myth State Of commissioned custom jewelry maker Mike Cherney to make a Yonder Journal Buffalo gold-plated talisman for luck, good vibes and positive energy in the form of an unassuming “zipper pull.”

Made with Dyneema Composite Fiber (fka Cuben Fiber), YKK waterproof zippers and various other best-in-class hardware, these bags are technical AF. Featuring a handmade gold-plated talisman—“investment cast bronze which is a ton of hand work & time and then hand finished with heavy plated high carat gold”—made in in the wilds of the Mythical State of Jefferson in Northern California in an undisclosed location between the Marble Mountain Wilderness, The Trinity Alps and Mt. Shasta, these bags are also Magical AF.

“Talk about Vortices!!!!!!!!!!! Los Angeles X the MSOJ X Performance Journalism™. Blows my mind just thinking about it.”

Every PJ™ bag in the collection is next-level light, durable and basically waterproof unless submerged. Swimming is encouraged! Just not with these bags. Otherwise, feel free to engage with the mercurial-ist of environments including all of Earth, the Moon and most of Alpha Proxima. Battle the toughest of assignments. Take huge risks and feel comfortable doing it. Basically, now you can go for it and really give it and trust on a cosmic level that at least as far as your kit is concerned it looks good AND works good—so you should too.




  1. Backpack: this is what happens when NASA and Jansport have sex and make a baby that grows up skateboarding and riding bikes in Los Angeles. Either you NEED this RIGHT NOW, or you don’t’. I do and did, that’s why I own two. 14×18″ – $140
  2. Musette: it’s a bag with a shoulder strap. It’s the best version of something you probs already own two or three of. Give those away, buy this. 12×11″ – $70
  3. Fanny Pack: wear it around your waist or shoulder; perfect for keys, drugs, passport(s?), tickets, AirPods, and other misc. shit you need on-demand while moving hard in airports and various other intermodal environments. 8.5×6″ – $45
  4. Large Zip Pouch: for expensive miscellaneous shit while maintaining YOU LOOK GOOD YOU ARE GOOD steez. Listen, it’s for stuff. 7×9″ – $40
  5. Small Zip Pouch: also for stuff. Plus, SEE ABOVE regarding YLGAG steez. 6×8.5″ – $35

Available in the MSO Shop now!

*Quantities HIGHLY limited.

About the Magic, Mike Cherney

aka “The Chern” aka Cherney Journey


“Just a post WW2 child of nature and a bit of fooling around. Thanks ma & pa. Early yrs spent as superstar model car builder, slot car racer………lousy student of organized education, photo model for motorcycle mag and protege of of wild man Bob Braverman. Age of Aquarius rock & roll photo guy. pretty good art school attendee in bay area circa 1970 and superlative hipster of the era. partied ‘till you dropped and then kept going ‘till i dropped. Blessed with several outstanding mentors along the way who opened my eyes and mind……. rest in joyous revelation Richard Berger & Toni Anderson. Took up the soldering torch in 1974 after a month on revelatory trip to Mexico. Been doing metalwork & sculpture stuff ever since. Picked up the bicycle again as an adult in 1984 and continue to stretch my horizons and stoke. Long live the stoke.”

—Excerpted from Mike Cherney’s unpublished autobiography. Long live the stoke.


About the Technical, Yanco

aka Yanco


Sewing and building and making small custom one-off bags, clothing, hats, etc., by hand in a garage in a place like Los Angeles is a venerable and understandably lite-mythologized institution. It’s how SO MANY next-level brands you know and love began in the sixties, seventies and eighties. And the two-thousands. If you do bikes and you have special needs related to the doing of bikes in terms of gear, storage and basically every aspect of simultaneously negotiating travel and kit, and you need someone to not only think about your problems but also solve them with grace and style and sewing machine, then Yanco—an expert industrial sewer and materials wizard—is the dude you get to handle that shit.

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