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Minor Religions of the Mt. Shasta Region

Around a campfire at Kangaroo Lake with Mt. Shasta’s white peak dominating the horizon miles to the east, David Marchi, owner-operator of Crow’s Feet Commons in Bend, OR, and a native of Mt. Shasta, CA, explains a few details on the religions based upon legend regarding the mountain.66Before providing this in depth account, please note that David has just finished a 235+ mile bicycle ride (A forthcoming Brovet, to be precise) and consumed a baker’s dozen of cold beers accompanied by handful of wild mushrooms. What follows is a direct transcript of his elucidation.


THE LEMURIANS ARE DESCENDANTS FROM THE LOST LAND OF LEMURIA. There was Pangaea (Before the seven continents we know today had their own identities, the landmass of Earth was all stuck together.), and after it broke up part of it went missing— according to those around here that’s the lost continent of Lemuria. The Lemurians are people that have descended from Japan who live inside Mt. Shasta. They use their ability to produce powerful, inaudible harmonics to dig tunnels through the mountain. From time to time the Lemurians come out of the mountain when a lenticular cloud form (Many pictures of Mt. Shasta show a big lenticular cloud over the mountain. Usually they’re created by super high winds, it’s a vortexual cloud, and they look like big hats or a tall stack of pancakes.) around the peak. They come out and do whatever they do, maybe grab a couple of Animal-Style burgers at the Redding In N Out?

Including the Lemurians, there are 9 unique religions based on the mountain. ”

There’re also the Yoctavians who produce powerful harmonics, but with bells and instruments unlike the Lemurians who only use the power of their minds. The Lemurians are small and have a bubble on their forehead, created by the cosmic power of their brains. The Yoctavians are another people that live on the mountain; they’re seven feet tall and wear long white flowing robes. They’re the bellmakers, they have the harmonics but in a different way.

That’s the hoofy-foofy stuff really, but there’s also a Christian cult or religion kind of like Mormonism, in terms of development. There was a guy named John W. Ballard from Illinois. He was on the mountain around 9000 feet, dehydrated, it was like 1910, and he found a spring and met someone who said he was St. Germain. So St. Germain gave him golden scrolls—similar to Joseph Smith of Mormonism—that contained info on the coming of Christ. He went back to Illinois and started the St. Germain I AM foundation. People come back every August and pilgrimage to the site. They have a seven million dollar ampitheater they use for one weekend a year. Nobody in the religion wears black or brown or red; it’s all simple, light colors. You see people all over town in August wearing nothing but white. They have something like 50,000 members.

Editor’s Note: At this point David and the rest of the Yonder Swimming Hole Expeditionary Force lapses into silence due in equal parts to the profound (and confusing) revelations about the mountain, its people, and the overwhelming waves of consciousness resulting from the potent mix of exhaustion, alcohol, and psilocybin.

Editor’s Note II: Of the nine religions mentioned, YJ can confirm the existence of a number: the Lemurian Connection, the I AM/St. Germain Foundation, The Summit Lighthouse, Church Universal and Triumphant, Kryon and the Hearts Center—in addition to the number of Native American belief systems from the area. If you have any further information on legends or beliefs based on Mt. Shasta, please contact us.

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