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Hello, my name is Daniel Wakefield Pasley. I am a mammal-eating plant-based Anthropologist, Activator and aspiring Deck Wizard. From Maryland. I am the voice of Mythical State Of. Websites are dead. Blogs are dead. This is a blog on a website. #skate-bikes-not-boards




We all know letterman jackets are extremely fashionable. At least we hope we all know that, because it’s true. And we all know Dehen has been manufacturing these American Classics since the 1920s. And, of course, we all know serious sports correspondents need seriously custom jackets for corresponding. For being “On The Scene.” Thus, these Manual For Speed Center Correspondent Jackets were researched, designed and created. Those little cheer leaders? You’ll be seeing more of them later this year in a feature we’re calling At the Races. And that Kasual Klub patch? You know we’re as much about Kasual as we are anything else. As for the letterman thing itself, some people here in the press room might be throwing shade; Phil L., we see you. For us, road cycling isn’t about skinny guys skating around on clippy shoes trying to lose weight, it’s as jock as jock gets. These Gladiators of the Road are supreme Athletes and Athletes play Sports. Except of course when they don’t. You know we’re talking about, we’re talking about off-the-court after the big game—the big win!—downtown at the Drive-in with your girl Peggy Sue, and all the fellas. In a situation like this an Athlete could be wearing polyester track suits, bedazzled jeans, overly-popped collars, etc., or they could (should!) be wearing the original après court kit, the Varsity Jacket. Listen up world, Cycling is tired of apologizing for itself and validating it’s existence. You guys keep playing with your bouncy rubber balls and we’ll keep shaving our legs, and in the meantime, hear this (know this! feel this! believe this!) Cycling is a Sport.

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