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The MFS Kit Series
Since 2011, MFS has produced a litany of game-changing kits.

MFS Kit Series 2017

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Continuing the tradition started with our MFS Artist Residency in 2015, MFS commissioned four artists to obliterate the rules of cycling kit design. Their creations have given the world a new standard in aesthetic pleasure using lycra as a canvas. And they’re all in stock. IN STOCK NOW! IN STOCK NOW! IN STOCK NOW! NO PRE-ORDERING!


Designed by Dan Funderburgh

Never before has the world experienced a kit of such magnitude. A kit that endeavors to capture the totality of Manual for Speed, it evokes the mystery of the universe while capturing the enigma of speed. Inspired by our universally-praised Space Tape, we worked with designer Dan Funderburgh to evoke an essence that is knowable and mysterious, familiar and foreign, terrestrial and cosmic—but no matter what is always entertaining.


Designed by Supermundane

Without pre-conception, we looked at the designs Supermundane sent us and immediately thought, “Mornings.” If you’re like us early morning rides are so SO hard. Who, in their right mind, wants to get up early? So it helps to have a kit that’s fresh and bright, a kit that helps wake up the mind, the spirit, and the legs when preparing for your morning ride. Tests have shown that riders wearing Mornings are 42% more awake on early morning rides than riders in normcore kit.


Designed by Michiel Schuurman

We commissioned Michiel Schuurman to create a visual representation of the transformative power of pain. We call it PSYCLING. In fact, Kit Series #15 is a celebration of cycling’s psychotic relationship with pain and all the many wonderful and necessary places pain takes us physically, mentally, spiritually and metaphysically. That’s what this kit is, it’s what your truth and your pain look like. It’s your truth and pain expressed as art that you can wear—if you buy it, which you should do right now.


Designed by Shawna X

Manual for Speed worked with designer Shawna X to create a kit that captures the espirit de flauner. The result is a set of cycling clothing that evokes the color, wonder, and effervescence of a cyclist’s musings while riding through bustling boulevards or lost country roads. Training, watts, power? This kit don’t care. This kit is about the eyes wide open cycling experience.

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