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MFS Artist Residency: Mike Perry

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There is no other street in Portland, Oregon that better exemplifies Chaos, Color, Motion, and Trajectory like 82nd Ave. A cultural Large Hadron Collider, 82nd Ave smashes together cultural touchpoints and obliterates conventional social constructs, making it the perfect setting to shoot our friend and supermodel @madisonmukalla in our new Mike Perry-designed kit.


Mike Perry is a designer and artist working in numerous media: books, magazines, films, newspapers.  He draws, paints, and illustrates.  He animates.  He cuts, pastes, and builds. He creates sculpture projects and installations.  He crafts limited-edition silkscreen posters as well as large-scale ad campaigns.  He curates books and monographs.  He can be enlisted to design Mike Perry originals for display at home or office. He gets lost in pattern and wants you to get lost with him, too.  He wants to mesmerize and awaken you through his constellations of line, form, shape, color, idea.

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