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MFS Artist Residency: Karan Singh

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To have an appreciation of art, energy, excitement we must understand the value of our contrast. It’s through contrast, through the exploration of the opposite, that we can create a memorable experience. Yin needs a Yang, day needs night, peanut butter needs jelly. Cycling, the gracile anaerobic sport of lungs and legs, has in its opposite the brawn and bulk of body building. The gulf of intention between these two sports creates the chaos, color, motion, and trajectory we needed to convey the energy behind the bright mesmerizing rhythms of this Karan Singh designed kit.

Karan Singhis an Australian artist and illustrator. His bold and vibrant work is a playful interpretation of minimalism particularly focusing on depth and dimension through pattern and repetition. Professionally, he’s worked with Adobe, IBM, Heineken, Intel and Asics to name a few and has given talks (rambled) at AGDA’s First Five Out, Sex Drugs & Helvetica, OFFF and Parsons. When he’s not doodling, he’s usually drinking coffee and eating pizza – sometimes together (mostly together).

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