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MFS Artist Residency: Jerry Inscoe

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If there is one thing the world can agree on, it is that of the traditional family archetypes, Dads most fully represent Chaos, Color, Motion, and Trajectory. Need proof? How about Moses, Al Bundy, Governor Scott Walker… all are dads and all epitomize C.C.M.T., that’s why it was imperative to shoot the Jerry Inscoe kit on a dad doing dad things, like operating a sledge hammer or expressively miming a lamp; typical dad stuff and a radical interpretation of cycling itself.


At first glance, Jerry Inscoe’s gallery work appears to be a formal extension of a Deconstructivist style of typography. Letters are fragmented and sheared, stretched and re-formed with precision. It’s a science of Postmodern typographic abstraction, one that is characterized by unpredictability and controlled chaos. Born out of the mid-eighties Graffiti scene in Washington DC, Jerry’s work evolved over the years and matured, shifting from the early New York-influenced models to a more abstract and idealistic take on what Graffiti could be.  He incorporated aspects of his undergraduate design education and a myriad of other influences into his work, including architecture and industrial design. This infused Jerry with the desire to create highly original work.

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