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Liquid Speed Tee


Charles Williams has done something special with Speed. He’s managed to evoke Speed at its most liquid and fluorescent. A version of Speed so fresh that the paint, if this was paint—if this was a painted UFO shaped like the word Speed flying through the air high above the major cities and culturally important sites of the world, higher than the Goodyear Blimp and all the other flying objects of man—would never have the chance to dry. This Speed UFO would let the world know that Speed is fluid, Speed is bright, Speed is exciting, that Speed is forever new! Until that UFO appears, we have an idea of it down here on Earth and we’ve captured it in a beautiful graphic. The point here is that Speed is so fast it will never dry, never be static, never settle.

Liquid Speed has made its presence known, having spotted in and around some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Here Liquid Speed makes its presence known in our nation's capital.
Even Liquid Speed appreciates the natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest.
The pyramids are like, “Damn. So that's the new model!”
Stopped into Langley for a little lunchtime tête-à-tête. Purported topics of conversation include, “How to quell mass hysteria when the Liquid Speed Tee is released,” and “Obama wants to know if he can get a tee before they sell out." P.S. Barry is a Large, likes his tees to run big.
Walmart? Liquid Speed has needs too, and you can’t get more convenient than a one-stop shopping experience. Lord knows Liquid Speed needs pink camouflage coolers and Frozen-themed selfie sticks just like the rest of us.
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