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Hello, my name is Daniel Wakefield Pasley. I am a mammal-eating plant-based Anthropologist, Activator and aspiring Deck Wizard. From Maryland. I am the voice of Mythical State Of. Websites are dead. Blogs are dead. This is a blog on a website. #skate-bikes-not-boards

Le Spectacle

Le Spectacle is a organism, it is an ecosystem, it is an entire world—every year it hatches in the beginning of July and for nearly the entire month the world stands in rapt attention as this massive event cavorts, parades, and churns through Europe. It’s not only about the racers; it’s about the teams, the media, the gendarmes, and most of all it’s about the fans. Le Spectacle is about the red polka dot bandanas, green caps, bucket hats and seas of yellow European trucker hats. It’s about Kasual baguettes, folding chairs, flags-banners-shields-placards-standards-pennants, wicker picnic baskets, white normcore sneakers, transistor radios, handheld misting fans, clappers-horns-castanets-cowbells-whistles, melting ice cream cones, Fan Art, adult scootering, cigarette smoking, public intoxication, indecency, and honkin’. So much honking. It’s about spitting, cursing, shoving and jostling. It’s about the napping: in the dirt, on the side of the road, in the grass, on tables, in the RV, on the RV, next to the RV, between parked cars. The racers get the limelight but that doesn’t stop the fans from stealing the show. Everywhere, from all angles, at all times, people are racing around trying to find someone with a camera and then trying to figure out how to get in front of that camera, all the while taking their shirts off, their pants off, their socks off, almost everything off. The world knows that the camera will always choose the naked (or nearly-naked) person over the decent person. It’s built into the camera’s DNA, and who’s going to argue with science? It doesn’t stop there though, the fans have done their homework and they know that as much as the camera likes naked people it likes Tanned & Toned naked people even more. And here in the midst of Le Spectacle you have the sensation that everyone is bronzed or burnt to a deep lobster red.

For the month of July, all of France smells like lotion and sweat and it doesn’t matter who wins because at this party everyone gets a taste of victory.

What’s more the Le Spectacle can appear in your home, your garage, your workshop, or your art collection. It can make a great gift for your grandmother, neighbor, boss, or mailman. Because we made it portable. We’ve printed the Le Spectacle universe on paper. Don’t ask us how, an alchemist cannot reveal all his secrets, just now that it has been done, and done for you. Le Spectacle is your spectacle. Le Spectacle is you.

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