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Hello, my name is Daniel Wakefield Pasley. I am a mammal-eating plant-based Anthropologist, Activator and aspiring Deck Wizard. From Maryland. I am the voice of Mythical State Of. Websites are dead. Blogs are dead. This is a blog on a website. #skate-bikes-not-boards

Hello World


Welcome to Mythical State Of.


Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Wait, what is MSO and how did I get here?” Let me explain.


  1. First, a long time ago there was Daniel Wakefield Pasley and Emiliano Granado.
  2. They were friends with a shared interest in cycling and Other. And photography.
  3. They started doing work together. Let’s call that work “projects.” They started doing projects together.
  4. Sometimes people paid them to do those projects. But invariably the people who paid them to make those projects had a difficult time publishing the work in its full and potential glory. If at all. No multimedia, no art, no style. All banner ads and Flickr galleries.
  5. 😩☹️😟🙃😤 
  6. So EG and DWP decided to “self-publish.” They said, “Fuck-it, we’re done filling up hard drives with over-funded personal work. Let’s entertain the world.”
  7. That’s how Manual for Speed and, soon after, Yonder Journal were born.
  8. And for the first fourish years things were great. It was easy to have two distinctly different Media Things. It was fun, totes NBD.
  9. But then through all their hard work and proper publishing efforts they experienced “lite success,” and suddenly having two Media Things was like having two VERY energetic puppies to feed and entertain. Manual for Speed was like an expensive designer chihuahua named Star Fyre and Yonder was like a beautiful Golden Retriever named Dusty.
  10. That’s when Emiliano decided he hated owning a puppy, two puppies, I mean publishing. Which, if I’m being honest, I totally understand. Publishing sucks. Not the work or the product, just the grind. But let’s not talk about that now. Let’s talk about why you’re on MSO.
  11. Anyway, let me tell you: not surprisingly, owning, managing and feeding two distinctly different Media Things when you’re understaffed, underpaid and overwhelmed is at least twice has hard if not  fifteen times as hard dealing with one Media Thing. Publishing is tough but yeah, one centralized Media Thing, I could handle that, I could make that thrive.
  12. To that end  I’ve spent at least five years now and upwards of $20k trying to merge the two Media Things. So far the great “merge” has been a very bumpy, turbulent and tumultuous process. Also, it turns out websites are dead anyway. To be a Media Thing these days you don’t even really need a website because at best they’re what, a fancy container? Whatever. Call me crazy but I’m committed to the creation of a next-level, fancy container.
  13. Anyway, meanwhile, thank god for Kyle. Kyle didn’t replace Emiliano he created a new position which was Kyle. That was great for two years ago and but now he’s At Large with Emiliano. Which is sad but both those motherfuckers and I are still friends so who cares if they left me. Also they continue to contribute when and where possible and I think they have a legal vested interest in what is now Mythical State Of. I should look into that.
  14. Why Mythical State Of?, because as far as I’m concerned the word “mythical” rides the edge between fiction and nonfiction better than any other word in the dictionary and I l-o-v-e love riding that edge. Also, “mythical” comfortably exists in the past, present and future in that it’s not really tied to a time or tense, it’s temporal-y fluid.  Mythical is magical and magic is cool. State is a physical, literal place as much as it’s a metaphysical and figurative place or mode of consciousness.  Also, for so many reasons the intersection of Yonder and Manual for Speed feels like a Mythical State to me. So there you have it.
  15. So how does this work? Mythical State Of is at the top. It’s the chat room. It’s the console. It’s the homepage. It’s the aggregate of everything that we do. Which now includes a blog, this blog.
  16. Manual for Speed is still a Contemporary Study of Speed. The greatest Spectacle on Earth. The preeminent cycling thing.
  17. Yonder has returned to its original charter which has nothing to do with bikes or even swimming holes really. It’s a study of all things Other. It’s Frontiers, Margins, Nerds & Warriors, the Salty, and the DTF anything and everything. It’s Cultural Anthropology from the POV of Performance Journalism.
  18. And Corps of Discovery is a reboot of Lewis & Clark in partnership with NASA and the US Military Research Divisions. Our mandate: Explore, Engage, Educate. From pseudo-anthropology, interpretive cartography, field observations, illustrations, typologies, catalogs, terrestrial vs. galactic and bicycle-/non-bicycle-based adventure to Shackleton, Darwin and Captain Cook. Dead Reck, check. Swimming holes, check. Project Y, check. Et cetera.

“That’s it. One Mythical meeting place, one POV (Performance Journalism™), three channels aka Media Things.”

Side Note: as you’re getting to know the new website format you will likely come to two immediate conclusions: A) this new format = the best multimedia website ever, and B) it’s missing basically 90% of our catalog. Here’s the thing, making the best multimedia website ever required that we start over. Which in turn meant that automated migration of content was not even remotely possible. Which in turn in turn means that we have to manually, as in artisanally, re-publish everything we’ve ever done. Which in turn in turn in turn means that we will remaster everything, optimize if for this site, and re-share it. Which in turn in turn in turn in turn means that the next two months are going to be EXTRA exciting for all of us. So much good shit. Shit you’ve seen. Shit you’ve never seen. So much shit.

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