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Gatlinburg Talisman

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Upon reaching Gatlinburg, TN on the other side of Great Smokey Mountain National Park in the early afternoon, a combination of oppressive heat, thick clouds of lingering cigarette smoke and various tourist trap-produced aggressive visual/aural/olfactory sensations created a Twilight Zone scenario in which the Brovet team was, metaphysically, trapped. In order to break out of the TZ bonds, we commissioned two separate Airbrush Artists to create t-shirt Talismans: the artist between the Downtown Market and Crawdaddy’s and the artist at All American between A+B Jewelry and The Black Cat. Side Note: If you’re ever in Gatlinburg, TN, and you want to get an airbrush t-shirt made, which you should want to get if you’re in Gatlinburg, TN because it’s the thing to do, go to All American, his prices are more reasonable and his vision more ambitious. Three separate designs were ultimately created, as seen below.

As it turns out, the hex was broken by the commissioning of the artwork rather than the artwork itself, and thusly YJ Publisher Kevin Edward Brown was left to wait in Gatlinburg for 3.5 hours. to collect the garments. The next day, Yonder Journal stopped beside a truck trailer along I-20 somewhere in Alabama on the way to New Orleans to document the shirts, of which one is available for purchase Hex-breaking abilities are not guaranteed.

"The Lightning Buffalo"
"The Space Buffalo"
"El Sombrero"
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