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Corndoggin' T-Shirt

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Corn-Dogging (v.) mid-2000s, Appalachian-American, coined by Cole Maness. Figurative – the act of wasting (valuable) resources such as daylight, money, etc., in the pursuit of ​ incongruous or​ curious and/or seemingly pointless endeavors, e.g. swimming in a swimming hole, sitting on a decommissioned Sherman Tank cum War War II Monument such that the barrel appears to be your overly-large penis, listening to a taxidermist play the banjo and harmonica in a barn in West Virginia, throwing rocks at road signs for target practice and sport and possibly ​to gamble money, stopping ​in the middle of​ 150-mile bicycle ride to eat/share the ​World’s​ ​Largest Corn Dog.​ Synonyms: Fucking Around, Killing Time, Dicking Around, Chilling, Fucking Off, Dilly Dallying, Fartin Around. ​ ​This t-shirt ​​​features Bojangle, the Patron Saint of Corn Dogging. Art by Joshua Porter. Screen printed by hand at LQQK Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Printed on white American Apparel shirts.

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