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Brodrick Pass

“The mixes so far have focused largely on music from the 1980s, but many of the artists remained active after that initial heyday, recombining into new groups, going solo, going abroad or simply keeping on.”

—Raf Spielman


"False Hope"

  • 1 Alasair Galbraith Mass Money is so Sad
  • 2 Mad Scene Blip Lorelei
  • 3 David Kilgour End Times Undone Some Things You Never Get Back
  • 4 The Bats At the National Grid Mir
  • 5 The Puddle No Love - No Hate I've Lost My Way in this World

Raf Spielman plays drums in the Woodsist Records band Woolen Men, who rarely get mentioned without a nod to their New Zealand influences. He also runs the Eggy Records label, which has been documenting the Portland music scene on vinyl and cassette tape since 2008.

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