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Brodrick Pass

“Highs & Lows could very well be the defining theme of New Zealand pop, which is so often bittersweet. The unflaggingly upbeat sound of the music is rarely without a downward tug of melancholy.”

—Raf Spielman


"Kool Thing"

  • 1 Look Blue Go Purple LBGPEP2 Grace
  • 2 Scorched Earth Policy Keep Away from the Wires Green Cigar
  • 3 Stephen Dumb Don't Know Why
  • 4 Marie and the Atom Yellow Read Aloud Receiving the Yellow
  • 5 The Garbage and the Flowers Eyes Rind As If Beggars Love Comes Slowly

Raf Spielman plays drums in the Woodsist Records band Woolen Men, who rarely get mentioned without a nod to their New Zealand influences. He also runs the Eggy Records label, which has been documenting the Portland music scene on vinyl and cassette tape since 2008.

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