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Brodrick Pass

“Inspired by Sisyphus, this mix explores the darker side of New Zealand pop music. Feedback, distortion, strange lyrical themes and nervous energy fold into the normally buoyant sound with surprising ease. There’s a little bit of struggle to these songs, but also reward.”

—Raf Spielman



  • 1 David Mitchell and Denise Roughan Dead Dog In Port Chalmers Grey Funnel Line
  • 2 The Great Unwashed Singles Can't Find Water
  • 3 Tall Dwarfs Three Songs All My Hollowness to You
  • 4 Pin Group Retrospective Ambivalence
  • 5 The Terminals Uncoffined Frozen Car

Raf Spielman plays drums in the Woodsist Records band Woolen Men, who rarely get mentioned without a nod to their New Zealand influences. He also runs the Eggy Records label, which has been documenting the Portland music scene on vinyl and cassette tape since 2008.

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