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Brodrick Pass

“This mix digs a little deeper into the fertile New Zealand music scene of the 1980s and ’90s, focusing on bands that were local favorites but lesser known beyond their native shores.”

—Raf Spielman


"All Seasons in One"

  • 1 The 3Ds The Venus Trail Beautiful Things
  • 2 The Magick Heads Back of Her Hand Back of Her Hand
  • 3 Snapper Vader Gentle Hour
  • 4 The Rip Timeless Peace EP Holy Room
  • 5 Bill Direen Flying Nun LP Alligator Song

Raf Spielman plays drums in the Woodsist Records band Woolen Men, who rarely get mentioned without a nod to their New Zealand influences. He also runs the Eggy Records label, which has been documenting the Portland music scene on vinyl and cassette tape since 2008.

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