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“Welcome to New Zealand. This first mix is built to introduce you to the distinctive sound of New Zealand pop music—the jangling guitars, upbeat drumming, melodic bass lines, and casual attitudes that define one of this island nation’s most beloved exports. Four of these tracks were originally released on Flying Nun Records, a label started in 1981 to document the local scene.”

—Raf Spielman


"Kiwi Airlines"

  • 1 The Bats Made Up in Blue Made Up in Blue
  • 2 The Clean Boodle Boodle Boodle Anything Could Happen
  • 3 Alastair Galbraith Seely Girn As in a Blender
  • 4 The Chills Somewhere Beautiful Pink Frost
  • 5 Chris Knox Seizure Not Lightly Given

Raf Spielman plays drums in the Woodsist Records band Woolen Men, who rarely get mentioned without a nod to their New Zealand influences. He also runs the Eggy Records label, which has been documenting the Portland music scene on vinyl and cassette tape since 2008. 

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