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Hello, my name is Daniel Wakefield Pasley. I am a mammal-eating plant-based Anthropologist, Activator and aspiring Deck Wizard. From Maryland. I am the voice of Mythical State Of. Websites are dead. Blogs are dead. This is a blog on a website. #skate-bikes-not-boards

Black Space Tape is HERE!

Black Space Tape is HERE!


Manual for Speed is not deaf. We’ve listened as the world has come together to chant with one unanimous voice: “We need more black Manual for Speed Space Tape!” Who are we to deny the world what it demands!? Your chant has been heard, and at this very moment the tape is being crafted, honed, checked, and re-checked by the fine folks at Cinelli. All of our enterprise resource planning and complex manufacturing algorithms tell us that this tape should be shipping to handlebars worldwide by late January 2017!


“Wait, WHAT!” We know you’re clever, we know you can do math, and we know you know that December 2016 (AKA right now) is not January 2017. No matter what we say or do we can’t square the two. So we’re offering you 15% off your black Space Tape pre-order through New Year’s Day! That means your tape is only going to be $27.20. WHAT A DEAL! And we’re not going to stop there, we’ll also include a special small gift with each pre-order (approx. $10 value—think a SPEED pin, for example). This is our way saying, “Thanks for believing in us, and for believing in yourself believing in us. But most importantly thank you for believing in the power of our black Space Tape.”

Space tape is NOT currently available, but trust us, we’ll post if it is!

Space Tape Dump(’em)

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