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The Aussie Normcore Bike Tour Bikes

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In the lead-up to our Australian Corps of Discovery Expedition it was determined that to achieve FCI (Full Cultural Immersion), traveling as incognito as possible was required, a state of being most effectively achieved through the employ of NormCore Camouflage. To that end we commissioned Illustrator and Anthropologist Thomas Slater to create a pattern specifically designed to promote and sustain the idea that we—Yonder Journal—were simply Americans on vacation. Drawing on years of experience exploring various memes, fads, trends and visual themes within cycling’s culture of “Basic”, as well as researching the most common and egregious misconceptions Americans have about Australians and vice versa, Thomas was able to create a pattern of symbols, iconography and words which he deemed the perfect “Vacation Cloak” for a Seppo in Oz. Once completed, the Vacation Cloak pattern was interpreted in paint by a team of experts at Specialized and applied to a pair of Diverges; the result is a pair of perfect Vacation Bikes on which to Normcore Bicycle Tour through both paved/urbanized and unpaved/rural environments.

Designs by Thomas Slater. Paint by Erik Nohlin and Brian Szykowny. Photographs by Bob Huff.

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