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The MFS Kit Series
Since 2011, MFS has produced a litany of game-changing kits.

An Illustrated Guide to the 2016 Surprise Me! Kit

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Looking back at the results of MFS Kit Series #1: Surprise Me!



First, some reflections on the core of our 2016 Surprise Me! kit offering: the Castelli Team Jersey & Castelli Team Bib Shorts, and the artwork printed on them.


  1. Did the artwork deliver on our mandate: Introspection, Retrospection and Celebration pointed at us, Manual for Speed?
  2. Let’s see.
  3. First of all the artist, Yoko Honda. Yeah, she delivered 100%. Nobody does nostalgia in the form touchstones in the form of iconography better.
  4. The touchstones themselves: a dog with sunglasses, illustrated Emiliano, illustrated Daniel, coffee, wifi, rental cars, polaroids, cameras, a Reach for the Dream bike, a barricade butt, et cetera, et cetera. Yeah this is us, this is who we are.
  5. The background gradient-fade, pink to blue. Um, yes.
  6. Okay basically, if you hate this kit you hate us.11Which is cool. We hate us sometimes too. It’s natural.


Second, what does surprising mean in the context of a Manual for Speed Kit? And was it that?


  1. What does surprising mean in the context of an MFS Kit? Audacity + Love (70%) + Hate (30%) + Long Term Endearment + Literal Surprise, that’s what it means. I think.
  2. I was part of the design process and frankly I’m surprised that we made this kit, it’s got my face on it for Christ’s sake. Also a dog wearing sunglasses.
  3. Point is I watched it get designed. I saw it coming, and but did I really? and now that it’s here, physically in the world, I love it. Hopefully you didn’t see it coming and but now that it’s here you love it too.



  1. USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box*
  2. Cellophane/Fake Grass/Colored Paper Shred*
  3. Jersey
  4. Bibshorts
  5. Matching Custom Disposable Camera
  6. MFS Space Tape
  7. Stumptown Coffee Hair Bender*
  8. Haribo Gummy Bears
  9. Speed Tee Type II v.1
  10. SPEED Pin
  11. Kasual Klub Pin
  12. Kasual Klub Sticker Pak
  13. Signed Selfie Print
  14. Tour de France Chilleur Print*

Now what?


Clearly we’ve demonstrated why buying a Manual for Speed kit is almost always certainly worth it—MFS kits are beautiful, limited edition wearable works of art printed on An Unfair Advantage. But also, if we look closely, the Surprise Me! Kit demonstrates how to buy a Manual for Speed kit as well. Follow along:


  1. We said this kit was about Manual for Speed, our essence and our core, our modus operandi and our raison d’être.
  2. We said this purchase represents a surprise—nobody knew what it was going to look like; some didn’t even know what it was they were buying.
  3. Boom.
  4. This kit does that and exactly that.
  5. Our kits come with context.
  6. For example, our latest kit offering; the Most Animal kit. How do you know if it’s right for you?
  7. Are you a road cyclist who cares about saving the future of our (precious) sport from obscurity?
  8. Do you like the fact that humans are animals, not robots?
  9. Do you like animals?
  10. Boom.
  11. The Most Animal kit is for you.
  12. In fact, it’s your duty to buy this kit. GOD WANTS IT AND CYCLING’S VERY SALVATION DEPENDS ON IT.
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