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In an effort to get things started we’re going to get things started. Us. Personally. Using code names, the Eagle, the Wolf and the Cheetah have registered to race the 2017 Tulsa Tough. In effect we’re Throwing the first Punches at each other. Consider it a demonstration. Maybe it’s inspiration. Whatever it is, it’s definitely putting your body where your mouth is. It’s definitely riding the walk as much as talking the talk.

Why Tulsa Tough? Because it’s the greatest three days of racing in America. That’s why.

Also it’s televised. And the crowds are insane. The competition is insane. The heat is insane. The speeds are insane. The whole thing insane. Also on the third day, the day that nobody finishes, the course goes up Cry Baby Hill which is now a officially a satellite party for Coachella. So you know, on top of everything else, the level of high culture at Tulsa Tough is insane too.

It’s three days of racing and there are three of us. Each day is a little different and as such each day offers each one of us a little more opportunity than the others

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