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Look, I could sit here and recount to you my winter training efforts, how I rode for hundreds of Ks sitting on rollers in the cold shed while it dumped rain and the wind howled. I could show you what the workouts looked like with logs, graphs, etc., but there are a million other outlets for that type of “motivation” and numbers confuse me.


If you’re here, you realize the fundamental thing needed to ride with energie and style is simple: passion. But since the other guys in this project seem hung up the nuts and bolts (FTPs and Training Zones) of tuning that elusive third quad, here you go, (again, this shit ain’t rocket science):


Quick overview of winter training:

1. Body-By-Pete style full body workouts and slow, long miles starting Nov. 1.
2. Rollers when it sucked outside.
3. Strict-ish diet (we’ll discuss later in another post).
4. Watching and consuming more Euo bike racing than in past few years.
5. Harder, longer days in sub-optimal conditions.
6. Two separate week-long training camps to escape weather / kid / family / unmotivated friends and to get some sun on the legs and soul.
7. Riding all the fastest group rides I could find.
8. Racing the hardest early-season road races that I could fit in the schedule.
9. Alternative recovery and rest methods.


This formula has worked for me in the past, just as it has worked for every professional racer out there (albeit on a more robust, more scientific, and more regimented scale). The thing is, I’m not looking for a contract or considering a move to Girona. I can’t stomach science dictating my saddle time. Racing is a hobby for me, not a job.


What is a proven, indisputable scientific fact is that while training, competing and just riding in general is so much better when you’re light and fit, the methods to get light and fit have to be engaging AND fun to hold my interest; trainer workouts with a bot coach are neither for me.


So, what is the main thing I rediscovered and subsequently honed this winter? PASSION for racing and the sadistic impulse to make others suffer on the bike. Is that quantifiable? Can it be charted or hashtagged? Probably not. But in a field filled with ex-triathletes, former joggers, and softball outfielders masquerading as bike racers it’ll supersede any amount of Zwifting they put in over the winter.

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