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The MFS Kit Series
Since 2011, MFS has produced a litany of game-changing kits.

2016 MFS Kit Series #2: The Tron

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Light Speed. If you’re wondering what you’re looking at here, well, now you know. This is the world’s first accurate, physical representation of Light Speed. Einstein theorized about it. Neil deGrasse Tyson dreams about it. And now, thanks to project Reach for the Speed, you’re looking at it.

How were we able to create something that has up until now mystified and dumbfounded the world’s greatest minds? If you’re Manual for Speed, the first thing you do is contact the R&D department at ENVE Components. Why? Because when you’re the best at speed, when speed is your 24/7/365 obsession–as is the case with ENVE–you tend to know a thing or two about the subject. After countless hours of rigorous study and highly-focused experimentation, ENVE was able to collect groundbreaking data that, if utilized correctly (i.e. by the right artist/guide/medium), could result in something miraculous.

Manual for Speed divined that the right artist was Rob Lowe aka Supermundane. After months of experimentation, Rob was able to fuse ENVE’s radical new discoveries with Manual for Speed’s intimate knowledge of style in the form of an exceptional–maybe even extraordinary–example of graphic design & art, aka The Tron. But that’s not all. After preforming a series of calculations involving a complex amalgamation of String Theory, Quantum Physics and the Kabbala, we determined that Rob had in fact created:

The first ever accurate visual representation/image of Light Speed.
A work of art that, when applied to an object (animate or inanimate), alters the physical properties of said object such that it is able to travel at Light Speed.

We created (with Castelli’s help) the 2016 MFS Kit Series #2: The Tron so that YOU can test our hypothesis. We’re pretty sure when you wear this kit you will be able to ride/race/recreate at the Speed of Light. And that’s just on the bike! Think about what you could do in The Tron, at the Speed of Light, off the bike.




In previous years we didn’t have a plan—Panda here, Artist Series there, clowns and lasers and gradient fades, release this month, release that month, etc. But now we have a plan. We have a Season and a Campaign that fits in that Season, it’s like the Artist Series but it’s different, and by different we mean better. Also, there are rules now because everybody likes rules. Here’s how it works:


The Season

May – September 2016


The Campaign

Seven kits in five months. We did the math and that’s roughly one kit a month, but more.


The Series

In an effort to design and develop the most exquisite collection of Cycling Costume Kits the world has ever seen, we formulated a patented plan that includes four steps. A) We have an important thought about Professional Road Cycling. B) We write a creative brief outlining our important thought, which brief is divided into two component parts, the design and the story. C) We send the design part of the creative brief to a World Famous Artist and the story part to ourselves. D) The artist brings the design part to life by creating the physical manifestation of our important thought about Professional Road Cycling. And we write a story, the intention of which is to rationalize, justify, validate, etc., our important thought, and our belief that by purchasing the kit you…




  1. Yoko Honda: Surprise Me! aka WTF is MFS: Introspect, Retrospect, Celebrate!
  2. Supermundane: Technology & Electronic Arenas & Gladiators.
  3. Supermundane: The Three Speeds of Tao: Slow, Medium & Fast.
  4. Shawna X: The Joy of Bikes, a different kind of Sunday.
  5. Steve Hockett: The Road-2-Rad, aka The Future of our Sport.
  6. Michiel Schuurman: Deeeeeeeveeeeeeelopment.
  7. Karan Singh: D.R.E.A.M.


The Rules

  1. Each Kit will ONLY be available by pre-order.
  2. Each pre-order window will be 15 days.
  3. Each kit will be available à la carte and as a complete kit.
  4. Complete kits will feature rare and exceptional items from around the world, most of which WILL NOT be available in our à la carte offerings.
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