ATB Challenge: “I Wanna Solstance With Somebody”

Apply now to be part of the World’s only ATB Reality TV Game Show. ATB-C is open to anyone and everyone with the Spirit of ATB inside them. Design and complete the most creative and compelling course imaginable to win.


  1. Form a team of three.
  2. Name your team.
  3. Design your  “I Wanna Solstance With Somebody” route.
  4. Complete the  “I Wanna Solstance With Somebody” application by June 11th.
  5. Be one of the four teams selected. Teams will be announced on June 15th.
  6. Complete your course, starting on June 24th. 
  7. Win three-thousand dollars.


  1. 200 miles long.
  2. 50% or more off-road.
  3. No less than 24 hours.
  4. No more than 36 hours.
  5. No stopping for longer than 2 hours at a time.
  6. Courses can be located anywhere in the world as long as it’s on Earth.
  7. Hike-a-bike, climbing, Extreme, overlanding, bushwacking, PCP (push, carry, pull), fall-line, packraft, ley lines, vortices, problem solving, connector, single-track, peak bagging and sky running sections are all strongly encouraged.
  8. Teams are required to stay together and finish together.
  9. Teams must be self-supported.
  10. No stashing or ditching of equipment.


  1. Teams will document their challenge using their mobile phones, and a media kit (GoPros w/batteries and media) that we will provide. 
  2. Once the challenge is completed, teams will upload their footage.
  3. We (MSO) will edit the footage into and episode of ATB Challenge Season 3 and publish it on YouTube.
  4. Each team will get their own episode. 
  5. The public will vote for their favorite team.
  6. The team with the most votes wins the three thousand dollars but everyone who participates—from application to the actual challenge—all win the Spirit of ATB which is ultimately what matters the most.

Upload Your Audition Video

  1. 1-3min
  2. Production value, lighting, sound effects, graphics and editing style are NOT important. This is purely an onboarding tool. We need to get a feel of who you are and what you’re about. Don’t stress. That said, please please please show us your personality and hosting skills so please have fun and lean-in.
  3. Introduce all three team members—we don’t need to see you all together, individual selfie style videos of each challengers is fine.
  4. Describe the course and why you chose it. The course (at this point) can be a work in progress, as such we don’t expect you to know everything about it. That said, you will need to have the basic gist of it figured out. So talk to us about that stuff.
  5. Tell us how you think your course will push your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits. Tell us why you think the world needs to see your team participate in a reality TV Game Show about the three of you pushing your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional limits.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 50 MB.
    Max size 300mb
    Unlisted YouTube videos work great!

    Team Contact Information

    Include distance and time.
    Include distance and time.
    Include distance and time.

    PSME Personality Test: There Are No Wrong Answers

    (answer as a team)
    Choose the term that best describes your team:
    What type of mid-ride decision does your team like to handle the most:
    For us Metaphysical Fitness is a portal into:
    We prefer to:
    We’ve optimized our ATB course to achieve:
    Going Inside the Outside:
    We designed our Ultimate ATB course to push our:
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