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YO! MFS Cribz: Girona Edition

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There is no denying that the world’s top cyclists are a breed apart, they are competitive thoroughbreds, human wunderkind graced with nearly limitless physical prowess. What they do on a bike, with their seemingly effortless speed and cagey instincts, is a sight to behold. A sight that creates hordes of ravenous fans and colorful motorcades that stretch beyond the horizon, a sight that fuels respectable economies and liberates the oppressed. These demi-gods are responsible for all of it, a great gift and a great burden, a weight that takes considerable effort to support even for those granted such remarkable powers. Even with all of their stamina and endurance, these cycling phenoms need a place where they can recover, hydrate, and watch House of Cards. Superman has his fortress, Batman his cave, and these real life superheros, they have their apartments, condos, and flats.


In an exciting new feature, YO! MFS Cribz, Manual for Speed has been granted exclusive and unprecedented access to these luxury lairs, and we invite you to come along with us as we take you inside their homes to learn about the interior lives and interior designs of some of the most charismatic racers in the game.


Produced by Laura Fletcher aka @cassette_media


Years in the Apartment: 0.

Estimated Number of Days Spent in the Apartment per Year: 60.

Number of Stairs Between the Street and the Front Door: 13.

Five Favorite Features and/or Possessions:

  1. Dreamcatcher
  2. Boomerang
  3. Hunting knife
  4. Meteorite
  5. Speakers

Favorite Secret Spot in Girona
The red bridge.

Why live in Girona?

Chicks dig it.

Why live in Girona? Chicks dig it.


This car once belonged to Dave Zabriskie. It later belonged to Lachlan Morton. Now it belongs to Alex Howes.


Years in the Apartment: 0.16666666666667 (fifth year in Girona).

Estimated Number of Days Spent in the Apartment per Year: 80? Total shot in the dark.

Number of Stairs Between the Street and the Front Door: 40, give or take a dozen. I think it’s one then three then 3×12.

Five Favorite Features and/or Possessions:

  1. Ginormous terrace with killer views.
  2. I love the simplistic nature of my pad. It’s like a tiny house, but an enormous tiny house. Or basically a flowing “loft”, since that’s what it technically is.
  3. UnTapped, since I’m currently the only place you can get UnTapped in Girona.
  4. Location. I’m walkable to town, but out of the scrum.
  5. My landlord is an artist so the default decor is pretty hip.

Favorite Secret Spot in Girona
The back room of Glop. (Yes, there’s an establishment called Glop, which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue in English, but it sounds a lot mo’ better spoken by a Catalonian.)

Why live in Girona?

The quadfecta of goodness: good roads, good weather, good people, good terrain. Plus a pair of airports pretty close by.


Years in the Apartment: 2.

Estimated Number of Days Spent in the Apartment per Year: 40.

Number of Stairs Between the Street and the Front Door: I have no idea. I’m a lazy cyclist and I use the elevator.

Five Favorite Features and/or Possessions

  1. Big terrace
  2. Towel rack heater
  3. French press
  4. Barbecue
  5. Outdoor hose

Favorite Secret Spot in Girona
Ask Jordan. I have no idea.

Why live in Girona?

I can be more American here than anywhere else without getting punished/punched for it. Plus I got some great friends who call it home for the racing season.

"I traded a jersey to a Malaysian firefighter for this thing. It's amazing."—Kiel


Years in the Apartment: This is our second year.

Estimated Number of Days Spent in the Apartment per Year: 180-200.

Number of Stairs Between the Street and the Front Door: The elevator was a massive selling point.

Five Favorite Features and/or Possessions

  1. Nespresso machine
  2. New rug (soooooo good)
  3. My massive & amazing bed
  4. Kitchen, it’s just the right size (I love to cook)
  5. Couch aka post-ride vegging spot

Favorite Secret Spot in Girona
I guess right now La Fabrica is the go to. It’s off the beaten track, so to find it is more word of mouth. The coffee is Melbourne standard, the shop fit out is awesome, and the Pure Bars are to die for.

Why live in Girona?

It’s home away from home because of the community. So I’d say the sense of community here is none like anywhere else I have been.


Years in the Apartment: 0.25, since December when I moved in between training camps in Calpe.

Estimated Number of Days Spent in the Apartment per Year: As yet to be determined. So far I’ve definitely been gone more than I’ve been home. Would be nice if that tilts a bit back in Girona’s favour in the next while, which it might just do (no training camps or long distance travel planned in foreseeable future).

Number of Stairs Between the Street and the Front Door: Four flights. Three sets of stairs per flight of about five or six stairs which puts it in the 60-72 stairs. I have a lift too but it likes breaking down (like the time I got home at 01:30 AM with 60 kg of luggage…) and I try avoiding it when I have the energy to run the stairs.

Five Favorite Features and/or Possessions

  1. Does my girlfriend count? Considering she lives in the UK and is barely in Girona I suppose not…
  2. The stone wall in the bedroom just rocks my world. Actually, all the outer walls rock my world. It’s an old building so it has really thick walls, high ceilings (in places) and a giant wooden front door leading onto the street. All things that hold meaning to me.
  3. Coming from Nam11Short for Namibia., a spiral staircase is really cool to me; I even remember the first time I saw one, in a random place called Maarjiesfontein (Buddies Fountain) in South Africa at the age of +/-14. It was a holiday highlight and the whole family loved it. Now I have one of my own.
  4. The hidden dish drying rack in the cupboard above my sink. First saw something like this is Milan in 2006 and have always wanted it since, it was a nice surprise when I opened the cupboard to find it.
  5. Lastly but certainly not least, bike parking! The little nook by the spiral staircase allows me to fit in two bikes with ease and a whole lot of spare wheels, a foot pump and other such things under it. This might not be enough as my CX bike is on its way along with two of my GF’s bikes, but that’s just us being greedy. Bottom line is, the place is bike friendly.

Favorite Secret Spot in Girona

As I’m still new to Girona this I’m still finding my hidden spots. In fact I hope to find a lot more when my CX bike gets there. One place that springs to mind is a little family restaurant up a side street that I stumbled upon once. It’s really basic and there are often a few people in there who are obviously visiting the family, not paying customers. I’ve been there for a quiet lunch on my own several times already, with more to come.

Why live in Girona?

I’ve lived in ten different towns/cities in six different countries and have been racing in Europe for ten years now. When I went to find an apparent in Girona in October 2014 it was my first visit, ever; but I still knew that I wasn’t there to just check it out, I was there to find a place to live.

I’d spoken to enough people about Girona beforehand and it was a combination of how they said things or the things that they didn’t say (as opposed to the things they did say) that made me know that it was going to suit me. Especially as I’ve gone through similar processes so often in the past.

I often walk through the narrow streets of the old town and think to myself, wow, I actually feel like I live in a castle. Who wouldn’t want that!? Only thing I’d like to change is for the Girona airport to have more flights (like it used to). As for learning Spanish and making “civilian” friends, that’s high up on my to-do list.

Dan Craven by El Greco.


MFS would like to extend a special thanks to Dan Martin, who is super rad in like four hundred different ways, for opening the doors of DM86 Luxury Apartments to MFS during our stay in Girona. The spot is luxurious, it’s in Girona, it’s owned by Dan Martin. You should stay there.

Five Favorite Features and/or Possessions

  1. Free WiFi
  2. Access to the bike basement
  3. Free laundry
  4. Historic building
  5. Views of the Pyrenees
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