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The Spirit Of Determination – Bor Ceh

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It’s a rare thing to meet the personification of an idea. Most of us are a mixed bag of contradictions, ideas in constant conflict with one another, as if moving through the world with a wasp’s nest for a brain. But there are those in the world who are guided by an ideal, an ambition, and they do not waver. To the rest of us these individuals are nothing if not an inspiration, and when you stumble upon one you want to know more about them, you want to support them, you want to show the world: Hey here’s someone special, it’s possible!


While covering the Red Hook Brooklyn Crit this past spring, MFS had the pleasure of meeting one of these amazing individuals, The Spirit of Determination (TSOD)—known to his friends simply as Bor Ceh. For the past couple of years, TSOD has been chasing his dream: to qualify for the finals at a Red Hook Crit. Self-funded, self-motivated, and self-propelled, TSOD has attempted to qualify multiple times and each time he has failed, most recently missing the cutoff in Brooklyn by just one position. 31st place.

”Yet despite these setbacks he continues in his quest, traveling the globe, chasing the dream. He’s bound and determined to make it to a finals or to die trying.”

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with TSOD, and we were inspired by the enthusiasm and candor with which TSOD related his goal. Manual for Speed sits in awe of this attitude, and we want to do all we can to support TSOD as he chases his dream. So for the rest of the season we’ve set out to sponsor TSOD. Not only are we outfitting him with some really nice MFS gear, but we intend to use our social media reach to drum up support, good will, and psychic energy, all with the hope of propelling TSOD into a RHC final.

But we need your help, TSOD needs your help. As fans, enthusiasts, and lovers of sport we’re asking you to send messages in support to TSOD. Get on his Instagram and use positive emojis and positive comments coupled with #thespiritofdetermination to trigger a psychic avalanche, a good will wave, an enthusiasm tempest to propel TSOD into the Top 30 this coming Saturday in London.

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