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Day 03: The Trailing of the Sheep

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Start – Stop: Frenchman’s Bend Campsite – Ketchum – Frenchman’s Bend Campsite

Distance: 12.7 mi

Elevation Gain: 1610 ft

Riding Time: 1:00

Time Awake Spent in Pursuit of The Trip, Roughly: 7:00

Day 03 Objectives & Points of Interest

  1. The decision was made to ride back into town for breakfast. Why not? We planned on revisiting the Kneadery but the wait was around 45 minutes. Luckily a woman pulled up in front of the Kneadery, rolled down her window and yelled,”There’s room at Esta, no wait! It’s just down the street! Go to Esta. GO TO ESTA!” Brutal but effective. Mr. Picture went on a scouting mission and reported back that there was indeed room at Esta. Go to Esta.
  2. There is stagecoach museum in Sun Valley that looked awesome. We didn’t go inside, but if you’re in town you should. Send us some pictures if you can.
  3. We take them for granted. But it is worth saying: grocery stores are amazing.
  4. If you have your rig with you then you have all the things you keep in your rig with you. Simple logic. And if you’re the Swallows and your rig is your house, then you have all the things that you keep in your house in your rig. Like pots, pans, skillets, sponges, soap, etc. This means that your dinner can then be facilitated by all of these conveniences. Just saying.
  5. It turns out that little culvert I mentioned yesterday wasn’t really that good for catching fish. But isn’t that the point of fishing? Going out to fish is different than going out expecting to catch any fish. If you’re doing the latter, you’re doomed.

Wakey Wakey!

They call it Sun Valley for a reason.
This has something of a popsicle, meringue, caught in the act vibe, wouldn't you agree?
The consequences of heroics. Mr. Picture's shoes were still wet and they were definitely still cold the morning after his valiant creek crossing.
Performing the daily ritual of washing the mouth.
I'm seeing a giant red tapeworm breaching the surface of some ethereal plane.
Sarah's UGGs inspired many.
Of course we took a morning soak before heading into town.

Cruising Into Ketchum

We were hungry, but not hungry enough to ride too hard.
Just your typical autumnal bike/gravel road showcase.
I'll buy that.
When we got to town we discovered that today was the annual Trailing of the Sheep, a long held tradition of running the region's flocks down main street on their way to winter pasture. We breakfasted at Esta then it quickly made our way to the side of the road.
The lead up to the sheep walking was longer than expected and our backs started to get tight. Some more than others.
Based on my firsthand witnessing of the sheep, I do not think that this man died from excitement.
Yes. That wagon is gigantic.
This was the Basque contingent. They had a coordinated dance accompanied by these splendid outfits. We're talking about strapping bells to their calves, serious stuff. Easily one of the top two contingents in the parade.
And this is the Peruvian contingent. They took a tiered approach in their presentation with different sections donning different costumes, from the post-colonial outfits seen here to some pre-colonial jams that didn't make it into the edit. The music was dynamite!
Lady's Croc game was on point.
If you've got it. Flaunt it.
Action. Action. Action.
This is what a tsunami of keeps you warm even when wet looks like.
These sheep aggressively bathroomed all over the street.
After the sheep walk we loaded up our rigs with our bikes and a ton of new food that we procured at the local mercantile. If you look closely you can see an aged policeman keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

Circling the Wagons

We came, we camped, we kicked back and relaxed.
The Swallows are professional van lifers. Their rig is dialed. They are dialed. To know them is to love them. You want to know them. Trust me.
It may appear simple but this chair is the modern equivalent of that puzzle with two horseshoes connected by two short chains with a ring around the the chains where you're supposed to take the ring off. It took Kelli and Mr. Picture a while to figure it out. And they are both sharp cookies.
Like I said, we came to camp.
This is Alex's rig. He likes to rally it, as you can maybe tell.
It's possible that over the course of a couple days Mr. Picture did some honest damage to his bicycle. But Mr. Picture is also Mr. Fixit, and what you see here is Mr. Fixit using a carbon repair solution to fix the cracked brake hood body.
Howdy partner, it's time to rope and ride some broncos.
Kelli! Boom!
Simply Orange.
Adventurer, pioneer, professional cyclist. What can't Mr. Howes do?
Alex agrees that in order to successfully canoe this river he'll need to put in at camp and hole up for the winter to wait for the spring thaw when the river is higher.
Sarah and Kelli discuss fishing strategy.
We're living in a post modern wilderness.
We'll call this one "Woman Fishing in the Shadow of Trees."
It never stops. Ever.
Alex and "Tomahawk" Tom went a-foraging and came back with an abundance of fuel.
Let's call a truce.
Pretty freaking adorable you two.
Some S'mores turn out as planned.
And some S'mores don't.
Obligatory? What are your thoughts? We want to know, please send us an email at [email protected]
We leave you with this haunting image of Mr. Picture. Thanks Idaho. You're neat.
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