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🌞T-Shirt Weather Deluxe 🌞

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Start – Stop: Frenchman’s Bend Campsite – Red Warrior Loop – Frenchman’s Bend Campsite

Distance: 17.4 mi

Elevation Gain: 2880 ft

Riding Time: 4:00

Time Awake Spent in Pursuit of The Trip, Roughly: 7:00

Day 02 Objectives & Points of Interest

  1. There is a culvert a few miles up the road from our campsite that spills into a little pond that looked to be a good spot for tiny brook trout. The next day we found out it was.
  2. The view from the top of Red Warrior is petty nice.
  3. You will have to cross a river at the end of the trail. Most of us took off our shoes and walked across. Hahn didn’t. Hahn said, “You know what river? You’re not the boss of me.” And he rode it, even though he knew his feet would get soaked and that it was highly probable his shoes would freeze overnight.
  4. The trail ends like maybe a two minute ride from the hot springs. So the savvy riders in our group rode with their swim attire throughout the day.
  5. The trial riding here is really good, not too aggressive, not too boring, a nice mix. If you like trail riding then you should ride here. You won’t regret it.

Good Morning, Sun

Was it cold last night? It was f-f-freezing.
Sun. Again. And this time it was t-shirt weather deluxe. This was the kind of day that makes you remark aloud over and over again, “This weather is perfect, THIS WEATHER IS PERFECT.”
The crew spent a good two hours warming up in the morning. Not seen here: Hahn and Tom making coffee before the sun was officially up. Because if you can't sleep, you might as well be awake.
Today we were going to leave camp in stasis and go for a ride. That meant denuding our bicycles. Turns out that once denuded, our bicycles were even more fun to ride. Was that a surprise? No. But it's worth saying.
I left my frame pack in play so I could carry some water, a jacket, and my bota bag without a backpack. Because trail wine is oh-so-fine.
Jess is seen here breaking up that peanut butter ice.
GPS, Phones, Computers, blah blah blah. Paper maps are beautiful.
Ummmmm.... Cocoon?
Oh shit, never mind. It's you Kelli.
If you're Alex Howes you're a pro. And that means always having a coordinated outfit from tip to tail.
It turns out Tom didn't actually sleep in his tent last night. Sarah reported that when we all went to sleep he just grabbed this Poler Magic Tarpit and wandered off into the darkness. The next morning he showed up before dawn and we could all tell that he'd seen something. He'd seen it, man.
Coffee number four? Sure why not.
Hey Jess. Whatcha thinking about?
The water was good. I was proud.
So good, in fact, that I sampled it more than a few times before leaving camp. Or was I sampling it because water is a known aid in the treatment of a hangover?
Mr. Picture. Nothing has changed.

And We’re Off

It was as nice in person as it looks in these images. Trust me.
Tom a little giddy with the acceleration.
When it wasn't single track it was quality two track.
Turns out this little creek crossing was the perfect arena for a technique showdown.
Hahn almost rode it—and he was on slick tires.
I rode it—but I was riding a monster truck.
Sarah, wondering what it is all about. And wondering what Tom is wondering after his walkabout in the wilderness.
Just completely dialed.
We met these fellas near the top of the climb. They were real sweethearts.
Sarah is a punisher. She can just keep pedaling and pedaling and pedaling and pedaling. And now that her bike is equipped with a dropper post, her newfound descending speed makes her a force to be reckoned with.
This dude wasn't with those other dudes, but he was still cool. He just waved and went about his business. People are nice when there is so much space.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
The Burra Burra handlebar harness doesn't just hold your tent and sleeping bag. It's also perfect for holding your swim suit and towel poncho when you know you want to be the first one in the hot springs.
Mr. Picture on 650 Slicks chasing down Sarah and Kelli on their 27.5+ equipped rigs.
Tomahawk Tom in the thrall of a deep blue sky.
Alex Howes. Exposed.
I'm just doing my best to keep up.
Def a Seven Dwarves vibe in this one.
The downhill has now kicked off.
I mean yeah. I'll take it.
Basically the envy of every carnival ride.
"Hey, you guys have any idea where we are?"
Did we mention that this was basically Jess' first mountain bike ride? Turns out she also has a vertigo thing. But more importantly she's tough as nails and willing to try. By the end of the day she was shredding. Peace Jess. Peace.
Mr. Picture doing delicate rock ballet.
While Hahn pirouetted through the rubble, I choose to slam dance my way through the rocks. Both have their value.
Because some memes are meant to be.
Tom, chasing that vision.
On the road or on a track bike Kelli is an absolute ripper. It's been a little over a year since we were able to ride some dirt together, and I can confirm that her off-road skills are now SIIIIIIIIIQ as well.
Mr. Picture took a little digger just before this photo was taken. Here's what happened: 1) His bike has slick tires; 2) The brakes are set up American-style, but Mr. Picture usually runs his brakes moto style; 3) The corner was mighty dusty; 4) A crowd had gathered and Mr. Picture does not like to disappoint.
Mr. Picture doing what they said couldn't be done. After taking the aforementioned spill, Hahn decided to take the river crossing challenge head-on and was the only one of our group to make it all the way across.
Friendly locals. No glass? No problem.

Night Moves

We had the wood, the will, and the inspiration.
Alex is beyond talented in just about anything he does, and sculpting firewood with a hunting knife is no exception.
Math problems.
And that's the Queen of Cups. That means you'll never own that flat screen tv you've always wanted.
Current Mood.
Jess, summoning the Gods of Yuker.
Tom. Will you wander again tonight?
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