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Unpacking the Spring Classics

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Everything we do this year is either directly or indirectly related to Road to Rad. Actually wait, everything we’ve done to date as well as everything we will do in the future, next year, and the year after that, is, when it comes right down to it, about Road to Rad. Maybe what I mean to say is this: this year is about enumerating (and unpacking) the ways in which Road Cycling works and doesn’t work. It’s about making a list. Pros and Cons. Good and Bad. Keep Doing and Stop Doing. Et cetera et cetera.

As such, we came to the Classics, again. Last year our Spring Classics campaign was called Cobble Goblins. This year it’s The Luck/Love Tour. Yes, the naming thing IS in part about branding. Obvs giving the whole body of work a Name and a Concept is a way to make the story more compelling and easily digested. It’s also a way to sell posters (more on that in a bit). Theoretically at least—we didn’t sell very many posters last year even though Benjamin Marra’s art was incredible and SO on point. Maybe it was bad art direction on our part. Who knows, who cares, it’s not important. What is important is Shape. And how Shape gives us, fans of cycling, a better more clearer understanding of what and why, and how, certain aspects of racing are special and transcendent, and more-than-just-a-regular-sport stuff. All in the hopes to apply that understanding to the greater subject of cycling and racing. Naming also helps with Shape. It helps to give an idea or concept some Form. And Truth. And Understanding. And Gravity. And Meaning. And all kinds of Other Integral Shit.

Clearly, Obviously, and probs Unanimously. If you were going to erase Professional Cycling and start all over again—wait, nobody works from chalkboards anymore. If you were going to get a new Racing because your old one lagged and stroked-out and had a cracked screen, you would have to decide what, if anything, you wanted to migrate over from your old Racing to your new Racing.

“The Spring Classics, essentially AS-IS, are a form of Racing that would clearly, obviously and probs unanimously be carried forward. No questions asked. They work. They work soooooo good and on so many levels.”

And we’re saying that consensus comes down to two key ideas: Luck and Love. Which because those are metaphors and they kinda unintentionally obfuscate the truth of the matter and the whole point of this Road to Rad exercise is to gain a clearer understanding about what works and what doesn’t, we’re drilling down.

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