You don’t really talk much in a break. You can sense the way guys are riding. Rory [Sutherland] made the first move on that tough hill which caught me by surprise. Everybody was still there though and guys just kept making attacks despite the long downhill right there, which makes it a bit fruitless to try to get away. All the while the peloton is charging up on our heels, and once attacks start going out you lose any cohesion. A 30 second gap disappears quickly when people stop working and attacks are slowing everything down. I felt good in the break, I was being patient, hoping to make it to that last lap. If we had, I would’ve just lit it up. Nothing to lose in that situation. I was marking Rory since I thought he was the strongest guy in the break, and he was certainly the craftiest and most tactical guy. All of a sudden he’s off the break, which means I’m off the break, and Rabobank was right on our heels. You have to make a gamble on who you cover, that time I read it wrong. It was game over, but it was fun.—Morgan Schmitt