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Clackamas River Narrows

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You are on your way to Bagby Hot Springs, it’s October but it’s still hot, really hot. You are in a van with some friends and a dog you like. You are past Estacada. The Clackamas is on your right, the drive is windy and slow, you stare at the river. At some point you see a rather long, rather straight, rather round log lying from bank’s-edge-to-bank’s-edge across the river, 15 or so feet above it. You brake hard and park in a handy gravel pull-out next to a path heading, it looks like, down to the river. The path is steep and short, and it comes out on a mini-bluff on the river’s edge. On the other side of a dip, just past some rocks, is the base or trunk of a giant downed tree which giant downed tree is the log lying across the river you last saw from a slow-moving van. One friend walks fully dressed out to the middle of the log and back. Another friend takes his clothes off, walks to the middle and jumps off. The next friend strips down to his underwear, walks to the middle and backflips off. In turn, two more friends strip down to their underwear and jump off couple’s-style. Once you’re in the water it moves pretty quick for a second but then you eddy-out next to a rock and easily climb up and out. You just Hole’d the Narrows. Later you learn that Kayakers and Rednecks (of course) frequent this section of the river all summer long.

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