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📣I like your shoes! 📣
We asked some rando French Enfants to review the MFS TDF Street Team shoes.
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Drunk Drunk Drunk
📣Alpe d'Huez Dutch Corner 📣
Even more drunk
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📣 Côte de la Croix Nueve #1 📣
Patriotic Fans Field Recording 01
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📣Goodbye, Tour de France 📣

Dear Tour De France,


It’s been a rowdy week so far! I wish I was still there! I had more fun during your second week than I’ve had at a race in a long time. I mean yeah, the Giro was pretty fun too and the Classics and Tulsa are always fun but yeah, I think something just clicked this time. I blame most of the fun on Steve Hockett. That dude is Sofa King talented and sweet and those two qualities almost never go together. I also blame some of my stoke on the Alps because holy shit those mountains, and their crazy vertical and glaciers and enormity and scale and pitch and all that other mountain shit like alpine fields and rivers and cheese and Nearly Naked Dudes, are all so life-affirming and breathtaking and whatnot. It’s hard not to surrender to the awe of it. I mean call me a Julie Andrews if you want but I’d be one happy customer if I could spend the rest of my life jam tasting and trekking through those bitches. Also, the racing. And that dinner with Emma and Caley and the gang. And that dude Marshall doing the podcast with Ian Boswell, he’s cool, he sent me a photo of this one cat. I mean really the only thing that sucked this time around was that POS Opel rental car which kept trying to lock Steve and I out. And the utter lack of Air Conditioning in French hotel rooms. And most of the food. But dude, I don’t want to end on bad note because seriously I loved it. I hope things wrap up nicely for you this year. Sorry about the protests. And yeah, let’s talk, but I’m already planning on being there next year.




MFS x 2018 TDF Sponsors



The MFS TDF STREET TEAM IS: Steve Hockett & Daniel Wakefield Pasley.

Mission Workshop

The Farik



Mission Workshop

The Anaga

The Athletic



Air VaporMax Flyknit Utility Running Shoe

Test CAption.


Project Musette

by Inside Line Equipment x Performance Journalism™


Performance Journalism™ is the seamless synthesis of Exploration, Cultural Anthropology, Meta Marketing and Experience-based Media Creation. Performance Journalism™ is the future of Everything Media. Ergo, the Mythical State of Manual for Speed is basically NASA, and NASA needs Tech, à la we need Tech. In summary, the pursuit of Performance Journalism™ requires Tech. Tech is shit that works good and looks good and is good. Here is some Tech from Inside Line Equipment: a musette bag developed specifically for Manual for Speed-style battle at races. Check out these battle-ready feature and benefits.

Waterproof Zipper

Listen, you're not going to go swimming with this thing but you are going to get rained on. A LOT. Performance Journalism™ is an all-conditions pursuit. Weather is mercurial. Be ready.


Fashionable, future forward, bold but chill—white is the new black.

Quick-Clip Strap (for easy strap removal)

Why would you want to take the strap off? Because a strapless MB is perfect for packing misc equipment like batteries, cords, and shit that needs to be contained in your larger camera bag.

Mesh Pocket #1

A see-thru holster for all kinds of shit like photo bibs you don't want but the ASO says you need, gummy bears, baguettes—psyche, you don't eat baguettes because white flour is the devil,

Mesh Pocket #2

external battery packs (Quantum Turbo SC) for your flash because in the summer when the light is gross you NEED to flash that shit, hotel room keys, etc.



by Steve Hockett


TDF Acceptance Posters

by David Millar


TDF #inyourpants Artwork

by Markus Rummens


The Official MFSTDFST Vehicle

by Opel, Enterprise & SignsNowNW


Daily High Points & Low Points

by The Eagle


French Shower Explanations

by YOU


I believe the answer is in the tiles. They are a simple set of diagrammatic instructions. Rest the shower head on to the floor, turn it on, and there you have it: not a shower but a fountain (or fontaine if you’re going to be proper about this). I’ve included the decoded image below for ease, marked on in red is the answer. The idea behind the fountain is a unique shower experience, a lot of fun and doing a good enough job of blinding yourself to cope with the wall colour. But won’t the bathroom get all wet I hear you cry? I can see that the hotel have thought about this and they have strategically placed three pale pink receptacles around the fountain room to catch the flow. Still not convinced? Then just give it a try (the tiles never lie).

I’m still working on decoding those curtains,

All the Best,




What are you some sort of shill for Big shower curtain? GTFO of here.



Ah, you went wrong with your assumption that it is a shower. Its a bathtub with a handshower as an extra benefit (to wash your hair while sitting on your butt in luke warm water).. But you already knew that. If it was a shower, it would have included the curtain and something to hang the hand shower from.

By the way love your website.





This is easy. Having successfully instituted the “1992 Prohibición de Cortinas de Ducha” [universal ban on shower curtains in France].

This is the next evolution in making sure French bathrooms are always soaked in questionable liquids. This observer of French culture is also hearing rumblings that the all powerful French mold remediation lobby is behind these latest innovations in fucking soaking everything.

So there you have it, the latest piece of French technology in the quest to make sure things remain “putain trempé dans l’eau!”

Regards, Blair Cook



Call me a dirtbag, but I really like to stank. I was the kid who had to be physically dragged into the bathtub by the ear from my mother.

Now I’m in my 20s, and I don’t have a mom around to drag me around by the ear. I’ll shower once every couple of weeks, but even then it’s usually to scrape off the thick layer of sunscreen I use to keep my white ass from turning red.

This is ingredient no.1 in the non-freestanding shower soup.

The second ingredient is my shoes, or rather, my lack thereof.

As soon as the days start getting longer and the risk of frostbite drops dramatically, I remove my shoes and socks and leave them in the front hall until the first frost in the following autumn. For better breathability I tell people. I walk barefoot, I run barefoot, and most importantly I ride barefoot. Gravel, singletrack, pavement, whatever, the shoes stay off. I’ve even removed all of the pins from the flat pedals on my Specialized Sequoia for this very purpose. The added benefit is of course that I can grip the pedals with my toes, evading the need for a clipless setup.
What does this have to do with showers you ask?

As I’m sure you know, multi surface touring is really dirty work. When I arrive home from my weekly 100+ km sufferfests, I leave a snail trail of grimy greasy filth in my wake. Black footsteps all through the house.

My roommates do not approve, and besides I can’t afford to be washing my sheets all the time. I need to save that money for more important things like chamois butter and blueberry crisp Clif bars.

Don’t worry, I’m getting to the point.

All of this nonsense means that, though I avoid showering for as long as possible, I wash my feet pretty often in order to keep my sheets clean, and my roommates happy. Now, if I had a ‘normal’ shower, limber and wiry as I may be, it would take some weird yoga to get my feet up by my ears without slipping on the tile and injuring myself. I prefer to hurt myself doing cool shit on my bike, not doing dumb shit in my shower. And it is for this very reason that I cherish my not-freestanding shower.

Thanks to this feat of European shower engineering, I can just straddle the edge of the tub and scrub the grease and chewing gum off of the soles of my feet in comfort, while at the same time preserving my hard earned ‘natural musk’.

I’m not french. I’ve never been to France. But according to some survey that I just googled, the french don’t like to shower very much either… I wonder how they feel about wearing shoes.

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