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2011–2012 Team Exergy Campaign

2011 Sponsor Camp: Go-Kart Racing

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Team Exergy is new. As in brand-new. They have eleven riders—one of whom is the team manager Remi McManus, and half of whom are neo-pros. They’ve never traveled together, they’ve never trained together, and they’ve never competed together. And until earlier this spring, they had never even been in the same room together. That’s what Sponsor Camp is about. Sponsor Camp is four days in Boise, Idaho, where Exergy is based.

On the second night—it’s dark and they’ve been in meetings and orientations and fittings for the last two days now—and in the spirit of Team Building, the team goes go-karting. The facility, on the outskirts of Boise, is massive and decidedly moto in mood, spirit and attitude. Because their bikes are still being built, and because the focus of Sponsor Camp is more mental/emotional and less physical, the team has still not yet ridden together.

“So this, this go-kart session, is in some ways the first time they will all be on a course together.”

That they’re in jumpsuits and full-face helmets, and that the course is lined with used tires and plastic flags, are simply details and for the sake of this exercise irrelevant.

This is a dry-run of sorts and while the rituals aren’t exactly the same, they are in some ways close enough to a professional road race. They suit-up together. They dial-in their kit. They warm-up. They estimate and strategize. They listen to Hair Metal on the PA system. And they run the course—sprinting, chopping, checking, drafting, drifting, overtaking, dropping, winning and losing. And afterwards, they review and assess. They talk about lines. They measure technique, opportunity and each other. They team build.

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