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2011–2012 Team Exergy Campaign

2011 Speed Week: Motel Laundry

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“Throughout my life as an owner and general manager of restaurants, I’ve done many jobs and worn many hats. From cleaning toilets and walk-in coolers to baking all night long, covered in flour, on my hands and knees rebuilding 250 gallon mixers. They’re dirty jobs, all of them. And now that I manage a professional road cycling team, I can safely say that doing laundry for twelve professional athletes fits right in as one of the dirtiest, most annoying jobs on earth.”

—Remi McManus

“During Speed Week we drove in the car and raced around foreign roads every night. Running out of chamois, I find it most hygienic to scrub with soap and then hang to dry. If I do it right now, right after I get home from the race, they’ll be dry when I need them for my morning spin.”

—Ben Chaddock

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