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9:45am: We’re in bad shape.

Start – Stop: Granya – Albury

Distance: 30.0 mi.

Elevation Gain: 1857 ft.

Riding Time: 3:01:12

Time Awake Spent in Pursuit of The Trip, Roughly: 10:00:00

Weather: Back to pleasant, but only because we got all the riding out of the way before nature really poured on the heat.

Day 08 Objectives & Points of Interest

  1. Get to Albury.
  2. Maybe jump off the Hume River Bridge.
  3. Enjoy a train ride.

A Brief Timeline of our Escape to Melbourne

  1. 9:45am: We’re in bad shape. Daniel, still suffering from heat exhaustion and allergies, catches a lift into Albury with one of the guys from the Granya Hotel.
  2. 10:06am: Kevin, Lachlan, and Kyle head off towards Albury. It’s 30 miles away.
  3. 10:45am: Turns out if you start riding before 11:00am it’s not super hot when you start.
  4. 11:15am: Kevin, Lachlan, and Kyle start to cross the Bethanga Bridge.
  5. 11:16am: Lachlan points out that the little platform off the side of the bridge must have been built for diving.
  6. 11:16am: Kyle gets it in his mind that jumping off the bridge would be a Good Idea.
  7. 11:16am: This despite the fact that the tops of trees are protruding above the waterline in the area just below the bridge.
  8. 11:16am: Kyle realizes that there is a very real possibility he could impale himself if he jumps.
  9. 11:17am: Kyle is still thinking about it.
  10. 11:18am: Kyle jumps.
  11. 11:18am: Kyle thinks to himself, “Wow, I’ve been in the air a lot longer than I thought I would be.”
  12. 11:18am: Lachlan and Kevin think to themselves, “Wow, he’s been in the air a lot longer than I thought he would be.”
  13. 11:18am: Splash.
  1. 11:18am: Kyle is not impaled. He’s SO SO SO happy about that. (He’s still SO happy he’s not impaled, and has yet to figure out why he jumped in the first place.)
  2. 11:24am: Back together on the bridge, the group decides it must be fine to jump off the bridge, as there are no warning signs or anything.
  3. 11:26am: After crossing the bridge the group finds a giant sign warning against jumping off the bridge.
  4. 12:15pm: The crew meets Daniel at a doughnut shop in Albury.
  5. 1:34pm: The bikes are boxed and the crew boards a train to Melbourne.
  6. 5:34pm: The crew arrives in Melbourne, stuffs the boxed bikes into a taxi van and heads to the hotel.
  7. 6:45pm: The hotel is nice, it’s called the Cosmopolitan and it’s just a stone’s throw from the beach in St. Kilda.
  8. 7:30pm: We meet a friend from Portland. He takes us to Ichi Ni. Much food is consumed.
  9. 9:30pm to Z:ZZ: Lachlan and Kyle head out with some of Lachlan’s local pals for beers. Eventually they find their way into a 24/7 club called Revolver, and in this case 24/7 really means it, Revolver does not close. Red is the dominant lighting motif and people are known to get lost inside for entire weekends.


For you armchair pscyhoanalysts out there, please send your analysis of this tableau to We are so very interested to see if what you've come up with jibes with our findings.
Here's an artist's interpretation of yesterday's ride.
I hunt. I manage an hedgefund. I enjoy lawn sports. I know NO fear.
But I've already gotten too much sun on this trip, so could we do photos in the shade?
I'm not impressed, you shouldn't be either.
Wonder if this guy knows he's being controlled by three psychic dogs.


Worms = Insect snake. YABBYS = Crawdad or Crayfish.
Tradie Squad on FLEEK.
No hesitation. NO FEAR.


There is just so much wonderful happening in this image.
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