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The Gang Takes Tbilisi

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Building bikes, in a courtyard, again.

Welcome to Tbilisi

When you have your mouth agape, it's a sign that you are either A) stunned B) just stupid or C) finally on the ground after traveling for 30 hours. Also, what's up with that sweat shadow? Also, Brian doesn't seem to be too shocked. #differentstrokes
Did you know that our friends at Poler are making these special high end Orange Label bags? Well, now you do.
This sparkling water tastes like it's had shrimp floating in it. Tazer said that Georgians call it shrimp water. It's gross. But we kept drinking it. Maybe we experienced the Stockholm Syndrome of taste.
Did you know that Yonder Journal is making special high end Dyneema Composite (FKA cuben fiber) pouches, dopp bags, and musettes? Basically little high-end hot pockets made out of future materials and featuring zippers? Well, it's true. At least that's the plan.

Building Bikes in a Courtyard, Again

The Dead Reckoning crew performs a bicycle construction play in the courtyard of Rooms Tbilisi, a hotel currently under construction. #meta

I mean, that's a good-ass packjob. So tight, so compact, so heavy.
Tazer showed up in the dopest kit. Did he know it was gong to match his bike? This kind of thing doesn't happen by accident. This is a worlds-colliding, prophecy-coming-true, decree-of-God kind of thing. I mean, how can it not be?
Some of us rode our bikes before this little adventure. And some of us didn't. No judgement.
Into these.
This bunny lives in the courtyard. I don't think they have a lawnmower. I think the bunny does it. Pretty cute idea.

Touring Tbilisi

We walked, we did sweats, we viewed.
There is this really cool James Bond Villian Lair on the outskirts of Tbilisi. My guess is that the dude who lives here is plotting to take over the world by launching a horde of sentient bots to manipulate public perception with social media in order to cause chaos in the global financial markets. #tooreal
If you're not careful, Georgians will mug you in the street. This kid found out the hard way.
Guy Fawkes masks in a BMW. Is it a mixed message?

The Road to Mazeri

It was a long drive to Mazeri. We started early. We got there late.
Who's ready for a car ride?
Daniel wandered the streets for a bit while the gang got started on the Australian Technique.
We had $10k worth of bikes. We had them upside down. And we had them padded with cardboard.
However, Brian knows a bunch of knots. In the end, things worked out. As much as Tazer's face here says otherwise.
Did we mention that Brian had a cast on the whole time? He did. And it was real.
Capris are still a very popular menswear item east of the Greenwich Mean. We don't get it.
The Australian Method, largely perfected.
One of these dudes claimed he was James Bond, I forget which one. But they all wanted to know if we had "experienced" any Georgian women. These dudes were pigs. They were funny. But they were pigs.
$7.37 US.
The watermelon stands were endless.
Yep yep.
We all agreed that this dude was very interesting to look at. So after drinking our coffee and discussing his look, Daniel made a move and asked him if he could take his picture. Fortunately he agreed, the world is a better place for it.
< Bomb bay doors open. > bzzt < Begin refueling. >
There are cows everywhere in Georgia. They're like bed bugs or something. You are constantly swerving around them and their shit. This is compounded by the fact that they DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. They are either stupid or apathetic. I'm leaning towards the former.
I guess we're in the mountains now.

The Grand Hotel Ushba

We arrived at the Grand Hotel Ushba and WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. And at this point we haven't even tried the compote that goes with the breakfast yogurt.
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