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Pro cycling SUPERSTAR! and world renowned author Phil Gaimon was spotted in the offseason strolling along New York’s East River in the midst of a kasual tryst with chis girlfriend. The high VO2 max couple swooned as they sauntered down the esplanade, keeping it easy at a Zone 1 cadence. Phil—always the gentleman—took a moment to console a distraught little girl who then quickly fell under his spell into a trance-like state that fans are calling “The Gaimon Gaze.” Later the power couple demonstrated that being highly capable professional athletes means never letting an opportunity to gain a physical edge pass you by. The pair got in a quick core session followed by a flurry of advanced stretching maneuvers that is sure to send a message to all would be pros out there: the world is your gymnasium and entry is free, but fitness takes time and time is money.


Between bouts of spontaneous exercise and good deeds, the pair exchanged knowing looks and flirtatious conversation while stopping from time to time to take some #selfies. These highly charged and exceedingly personal images are sure to set the internet on fire. This reporter has no doubt that more than a few fanboys and fangirls out there will be turning these images into smartphone wallpaper and PC desktop backgrounds, not to mention exceedingly good looking gaming avatars! Still, at heart,#theyrejustlikeus. Even pros enjoy shopping, walking, and spending a little quality time with the ones that they love most!

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