The whole experience is and has been completely ridiculous. I won’t do the play by play of the crash again until I have the opportunity to do it in front of a judge, but it wasn’t until long after the incident when the implication of what had happened started to set in. Immediately after the crash I was thinking about how I wanted to punch this dude out despite my broken left shoulder.  Seriously. I was dead set on taking the right steps to assure the guy who crashed me would be brought to justice, though. Getting the police on the scene, getting officials to take statements, that sort of thing. I didn’t want to take any chances with letting this Atkins fellow slip away after he intentionally wrecked me. My shoulder was already broken, my season essentially over, and the only thing to do in that moment was to assure that this guy was held accountable for taking away the opportunities that I had made for myself after all my focused hard training this past winter.—Isaac Howe