It wasn’t until I saw the x-ray that I realized just how messed up my clavicle was. There was 4cm of overlap on the bone and several fragments littered around my muscle. It looked like someone put an M80 in my chest and lit the fuse. It was a mess.

It was really hard to handle because at the time of my injury I was riding better than I ever had. It was a wake-up call for me: I realized just how fragile my body was and how easily all my fitness could go away. I had trained for the six months before my crash, and it took only 21 days of forced rest to basically be back to where I started. The only thing that kept me motivated was my obligation to the team and my desire to not let this hot head ruin my season. Kenda was so supportive of me and all I wanted was to get back in shape so that I could be back on the road with the guys. When you are not winning races the only thing to think about is, “What do I have to do in order to get back to winning?”—Isaac Howe