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Ryan Trebon: On Cars

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“I have a ’68 Plymouth GTX 440. Lately I’ve been spending a bunch of time researching what I want to do with it; I’m not doing any of the work but I need to be smart about what work is done to it. What modifications I want to make, what motor I want to put in it, color schemes, things like that. I’ve seen a nice burnt red orange color that I like, and you’ll see them in dark green, that looks really nice—and I normally don’t even like green cars. I think I’m gonna go for a silverish gray though. Not a sparkly, shiny silver but something more flat. Then I’ll do a flat black hood and roof, and it’s gonna have traditional red stripes on the side. The car won’t be period correct; for me the goal isn’t to own a perfectly original car. Especially since I don’t want it to be nice, I want it to be just nice enough. Really good suspension and brakes and a fuckin’ fast motor.

Everything else can be C-quality, because I just want to drive it and not worry about every little thing. I don’t want to look at a show car, I want to rip it around.

It’s gonna have a 7 liter fuel-injected motor cranked out of a new car. I want it to start, you know? I want it to run, all day. On the other hand, I don’t want it to say anything about me. It was my grandpa’s car so I just want to restore it. I like it ’cause it’s a badass car, not because I’m making some statement about myself. And anyways, this does say something about me11He points towards his beautiful, lycra-clad bike racing body.—but I don’t give a shit what people think about it. The thing is, it doesn’t matter what I put out there, people will perceive it how they will, so I just do what I want. My grandpa would dig it, so it’s cool with me.”

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