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Cobbles [RTR Exhibit 1A]
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Crowdsourced Power [RTR Exhibit 3]

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Fig. 1: Velocity and buoyancy increases due to the visual and auditory stimuli created by crowds. [Hockett, 2017]

This above two-dimensional diagram illustrates two phenomenon:

  1. Firstly, the positive effects (internal and external) cheering has on the peloton; namely, an increase animation and vigor which directly impacts the quality and competition of the race.
  2. Secondly, how increased levels of cheering (more vigorous, increased strength, louder, greater volume, etc) directly correlate to increased power. Delivering even more animation and speed to the race, which, again, directly impacts the quality and competition of the race.

Steve Hockett, Manual for Speed’s resident Physicist, has a BA in Physicism and Art from Leeds University. He currently lives in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, UFO Triangle UK

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