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WOW. That is honestly the only word that comes to mind when we consider the pile of applications we received for Project Y: DK200. In our heart of hearts, in the secret cave of hope that Yonder collectively stores our hopes and dreams, we dreamed of receiving 25—30, at max—applications. But once the dust settled and we took the tally in our spreadsheets, the number was closing in on 100! What does that tell us?

  1. That Dirty Kanza is more than a race: it’s a life goal, a spectacle of the highest order, a personal Super Bowl, a metaphorical Mt. Everest to be summited. Maybe we didn’t fully understand its draw, its mystique.
  2. Videos work. Especially videos that feature pseudo-science, enthusiasm, suits, whistles, classy backgrounds, Patrick “Ultratradition” Newell, and ’80s era typeface. I don’t really want to single out any aspect, but if I had to, I might single out Patrick’s performance as Gary Gravel. Compelling and audacious.
  3. Competition is omni-present. People, you love to compete! Evolution trickles up from our basepairs to basement training set-ups. Competition is part of us. Could this be what drives the Why? Only time will tell.
  4. The idea of being coached, crafted and molded by Daniel and Kyle is apparently not only not repugnant, but actually appealing. I mean, to at least nearly a hundred of you. And a hundred out of 7.5 billion possible applicants warms the heart. Thank you.
  5. This winter has been brutal. As such you, the general you, the populace you, are more inspired than ever to train and more willing than ever to have someone tell you how to do it. You, you’re goal oriented, you want to accomplish something. We like that, we respect that! Now we just want to know why?

Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply. We only wish we had the budget and the time to help all of you in your quest for the Dirty Kanza. But that’s not how the world works. Fortunately, you already new this. Winner announcement coming soon.

Addison K. - Lincoln, NE
Adrian B. - Petaluma, CA
Adrienne T. - Pittsburgh, PA
Alex B. - St. Paul, MN
Andrew H. - Fort Wayne, IN
Andrew H. - Vancouver, BC
Andy E. - Los Angeles, CA
Ashton L. - Lawrence, KS
Ben M. - New York, NY
Ben S., Derek D. & Bill G. - Syracuse, NY
Poppi - ???
Beth M. - Lawrence, KS
Brent W. - Portland, OR
Brent W. - Santa Cruz, CA
Bret D. - North Platte, NE
Brian H. - Durango, CO
Brian L. - San Francisco, CA
Brian P. - Lander, WY
Bryan B. - New York, NY
CJ C. - Goleta, CA
Caroline E. - Cheyenne, WY
Chad P. - Portland, OR
Chris F. - St. Joseph, MO
Cody J. - Kansas City, KS
Conor L. - St. Lous, MO
Craig J. - Broken Arrow, OK
Daniel M. - Boise, ID
Dave S. - Wheaton, IL
David J. - Boise, ID
Devin M. - San Francisco, CA
Duane S. - Iowa City, IA
Liz H. - Kansas City, MO
Eric W. - Lincoln, NE
Forrest B. - Fort Collins, CO
Frank N. - Portage, MI
Frank W. - Emporia, KS
Hahn R. - Seattle, WA
James G. - Grand Rapids, MI
Jamie G. - Lincoln, NE
Jason S. - Lincoln, NE
Jenny Y. - Neenah, WI
Jensen E. - Brooklyn, NY
Jered B. - Portland, OR
Jeremy W. - Colorado Springs, CO
Jesse R. - Dolphin, RV
Joe J. - Chicago, IL
Joe W. - Kalamazoo, MI
John C. - Walnut Creek, CA
John D. - Emporia, KS
Jordan N. - Manitowoc, WI
Josh R. - Lincoln, NE
Justin M. - Boulder, CO
Kate W. - Seattle, WA
Kelli S. - Portland, OR
Kelly T. - Lively, ON
Kevin H. - Santa Fe, NM
Kris H. - Santa Fe, NM
Al & Kristen W. - Plano, IL
Malinda G. - Albuquerque, NM
Martin M. - Hannibal, MO
Matt B. - Tulsa, OK
Matt F. - Murray, KY
Matt G. - Marfa, TX
Matt R. - Upstate, NY
Mike H. - Overland Park, KS
Mike T. - Charlotte, NC
Nathan H. - San Francisco, CA
Nathan V. - North Vancouver, BC
Nick N. - Duluth, MN
Noe G. - Omaha, NE
Pete L. - Cincinnati, OH
Pete T. - Whitefish, MT
Peter K. - San Francisco, CA
Philip G. - Plymouth, MI
Reese R. - Fort Collins, CO
Rob M. - Spring Lake, MI
Sarah S. - Baja, MX
Sarah T. - Colombia
Shane E. - UT
Shawn M. - Little Rock, AR
Sheldon T. - Broomfield, CO
Stephen G. - Cleveland, OH
Steve B. - Highland Park, IL
Steven B. - Columbia, MD
Thomas W. - Portland, OR
Timmy F. - Charleston, SC
Tom A. - Montreal, QC
Tom M. - Evans Plains, IN
Tori M. - Grand Junction, CO
Tyler S. - Wichita, KS
Watts D. - Greensboro, NC
Wes B. - Iowa City, IA
Wes V. - Stevens Point, WI
William D. - London, UK
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