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Ricardo Vilela

What was the last book you read?

It’s been a long time, I don’t remember.

What poster/s hung on your wall when you were a kid?

Never had any.

Pre-race rituals?

None really.

Hot chocolate or café con leche?

I like both.

Should rice go into the sancocho, or should sancocho go into the rice?

Don’t know, I don’t think I’ve ever had sancocho.

Cheese in your hot chocolate?

Don’t know, don’t think I’ve ever had that.

If you weren’t a cyclist, what would you be doing right now?

Studying sports science.

What makes someone a good roommate during a race?

Keep the room very clean. If he wants to stay up, just be absolutely quiet.

Favorite or most memorable climb in Colombia?

There’s a climb in Envigado, but I don’t remember the name.

Do you like fireworks?


Where did Baby Jesus leave the presents?

My parents just gave me my gifts.

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