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Fernando Orejuela

What was the last book you read?

Juan Salvador Gaviota (Richard Bach).

What poster/s hung on your wall when you were a kid?

Didn’t have any.

Pre-race rituals?

Always have to do the sign of the cross and do a quick prayer to protect me.

Hot chocolate or café con leche?

Café con leche.

Should rice go into the sancocho, or should sancocho go into the rice?

Rice should go in the sancocho.

Cheese in your hot chocolate?


If you weren’t a cyclist, what would you be doing right now?

Driving a truck, which is what my dad does. And going to school to become a veterinarian.

What makes someone a good roommate during a race?

Respect my space. Both personal, and within the room.

Favorite or most memorable climb in Colombia?

Las Palmas, in Medellín.

Do you like fireworks?

Of course.

Where did Baby Jesus leave the presents?

No Baby Jesus in my house. Papa Noel came at midnight.

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