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Poppi's Instagram Symposium

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Do you ever wonder: “What does it take to become the world’s most beloved, respected, seductive, charismatic, and sought-after __________ on Instagram?” Of course you do, who hasn’t?

"Get the likes you deserve!"


The Keynote Address


Welcome to the Ultra Instagram Experience


While most of us spend our time bumbling around trying to figure out what it takes to make it to the tip-top peak of Instagram mountain, there is one person who has already found the path and climbed the slopes: Benedict @Ultraromance Poppi Wheeler. No doubt you’re familiar with him—if you’re not then you’re probably dead.

Recently we had the opportunity to travel through Vermont with Poppi and while our starstruck crew was dumbfounded in his presence (such was our awe and reverence for his social media prowess), one of us had the courage to ask him, “Poppi, how do you do it, what’s you secret?” How brave a question; it’s like asking God how he created all this in six days, and why he needed a rest day. Fortunately Poppi is a much more New Testament than Old Testament. As it happened, later that evening our group would be overnighting at the Nenorod Cabin wing of the Merck Forest Corporate Retreat and Symposium Center just outside of Dorset, VT.

It was Poppi’s idea to use this location to give a symposium on how we could better our Instagram selves, with the stipulation that we do our best to disseminate this information out into the world. Our troop could hardly get through dinner and camp setup such was our anticipation, and when Poppi finally began to speak his words were a melodious song of observation and anecdote that seduced our attention and massaged our minds. To our great delight he held forth for nearly an hour on the general principles and particular nuances of what it takes to get “InstaFamous.”

Disclaimer: One thing Poppi asked us before he began his talk is that we all bring to this experience a heightened sense of self-awareness, to be aware of ourselves looking at ourselves. He said that we need to keep in mind that Instagram can be curated, molded, coddled, and manipulated. To be a good ‘Grammer is to be self aware, and Instagram is perhaps the world’s greatest game in which we are all performers. And the very best of us are those who are willing to make art out of that performance, and who let that art cross the line between the digital and the real.

Poppi's Tips & Tricks #1: "Ride TOWARDS the camera, you want to attack the image."
Poppi's Tips & Tricks #2: "Always be aware of where the camera is—even when it's behind you. You never know when the opportunity for a successful image will strike."
Poppi's Tips & Tricks #3: "Take advantage of opportunities to cross-promote with other Instagram Celebs, like I'm doing here with @hellhommus."
Poppi's Tips & Tricks #4: "You're not in the business of candids. ABP: Always Be Posing."
Poppi's Tips & Tricks #5: "Work the light by taking advantage of the golden hour, sunrises, or any other notably flattering moments."
Poppi's Tips & Tricks #6: "Never forget where you came from."
Poppi's Tips & Tricks #7: "Humor is key in staying relatable to your audiences."
Poppi's Tips & Tricks #8: "A good Instagram account is more than just headshots—you need to be selling your life in addition to yourself. Show people the amazing places you go and things you see, so that they wish they had your life."
Poppi's Tips & Tricks #9: "Never let someone else dominate a picture. Always be the primary focus. Always. This is YOUR cult of personality you're building, and this IS a competition."

Likes Don’t Lie!

The proof is in the pudding—here are some of Poppi’s greatest Instagram achievements.
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