If you want to become a Professional Cyclist? Good luck, man. It’s an incredible sport and the feeling you get when you win is incredible, but you have to remember there are 200 other guys out there that want to win or want their team to win. It’s a fleeting sport. It’s not a job where everyday is going to be a happy day or satisfying. Statistically you lose all the time, and you only win once in a long while. ((Manual #10: UNDERSTAND THE ODDS)) That’s just the way it works out, and you have to mentally be able to deal with that to get up each and every day, plug it out, and try again. In a football game one team wins, one team loses. 50-50. In cycling you have 200 riders, one guy wins. 1-200. And every one of those guys really, really wants to win.—Jonathan Vaughters