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WHOOSH is a speed, WHOOSH is combat, WHOOSH is challenge, interaction, agitation, and elegance. WHOOSH is the advancement of human interactivity through sport. WHOOSH is the future of cycling. WHOOSH is fixed gear criterium racing on the well-used streets of the world’s flagship cities. It’s panache, guts, and glory. The course is a manifestation of the city,  the riders react to the course, and the gear, the bicycles, the color, and the design are a reaction to it all.


What’s critically important about the Red Hook Crit series is that it is an entire ecosystem, it’s not simply about the competition. It’s about doing right by the sponsors in the pit area, about going on group rides with local shops, about playing to the crowd, shaking hands and kissing babies, it’s about staying up all night the day before the race and continuing the party well after the race is over. Red Hook Crit is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional synergistic amalgamation of competition, of speed, and of culture. It’s the most real manifestation of WHOOSH we have here to date experienced, a sneak peek into the future that is so rapidly approaching. It’s a prophecy fulfilled ahead of schedule.


In order for WHOOSH to be manifest there are certain key elements that must be accounted for, and in this post we hope to cover three of the most fundamental: WHOOSH HUMAN ATHLETES, WHOOSH MACHINES, and WHOOSH DESIGN.


Bikes don’t ride themselves, not even bikes from the future, yet.Thankfully the
Specialized / Rocket Espresso Red Hook Crit team is basically the Top Gun of crit racing. They’ve got a Maverick, an Iceman, a Jester, and a Merlin. Who is who? That’s for you to decide. When you think about, it in order to pilot the bikes from the future you need the TOP GUN guys.

“To win—to even compete—in these crits is a major undertaking, and if you’re going to pilot a future bike you’ve got to be of sound mind, body, and spirit. We’re talking total harmonic synergy.”

As it turns out, the riders of Specialized / Rocket Espresso are asphalt animals; brawny of leg, shrewd of mind, and deep of lung. They’re able to meld all these features together, they’re one singular wave of speed. And while their on-the-bike exploits deserve considerable acclaim, the team’s abilities don’t stop with riding. Like any other apex predator, these dudes know how to chill. Think cheetahs lounging on the Serengeti, peregrines playfully dipping on some lonesome thermal, or great white sharks never sleeping… err, okay, maybe not the last one. Brass tacks though, the team is VERY impressive.

Alec Briggs

Aldo Ino Ilešič

Eamon Lucas

Stefan Schäfer


Fundamental to bicycle racing is the bicycle. And fundamental to fixed gear crit racing is the fixed gear bicycle. So if you’re going to WHOOSH (i.e. get into the future of bicycle racing), you need a bike built for the future but ready to ride now. The Specialized Allez is that bicycle; it’s a fixed gear crit monster. These bikes have all sorts of technological advancements and alchemical sorcery that simply make them go faster than all the other bikes, this is a fact and a fact is indisputable. We could attempt point them out here, but like any other young Maester we are certain to make various inexcusable errors regarding specifics. So just go to Specialized and lap up the magical information that they present. The point is these things are so insanely fast. They’re from the future and they just want to go back. All bikes, when used properly, move us forward into the future. It’s just that these bikes do it faster.

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