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While your eyes can’t help but caress the digital expression of the MFS x ICNY Shibori Tie-Dye Tee that you see here, ask yourself: “Am I prepared to reconsider everything that I know about beauty? Everything I know about passion, about art?” If you are not prepared, if you prefer to live your life from here on out in a dim and unfulfilling light, then read no further, gaze no longer.

…introspective intermission…

You have made a wise choice.

While the highly accurate digital imagery seen here can express an idea of the perfection that is the MFS x ICNY Shibori Tie-Dye Tee (MFSICNYSTDT) there representative images are only a crude and rudimentary sketch of the true piece, they are visually insufficient, much like the inadequacy of experience one has when reading a description of a sunset rather than being in the presence of the real thing. Such is the awesome power of the MFSICNYSTDT.

Manual for Speed understands that turning art into apparel is something special; that to create a wearable piece of art which delivers an arresting impression each and every time it is worn is nearly impossible, a skill akin to alchemy. What’s more, to have that piece endow the wearer with an undeniable aura of cosmic knowing and irrefutable hipness, while at the same time conjuring powerfully intoxicating emotions in those who are lucky enough to witness such a sartorial event, those graced with the fortunate of having experienced such an exquisite piece of clothing, is to risk tempting the wrath of grace like the architects of Babel’s Tower. This though, is the risk that we are willing to take, and these witnesses, these fortuitous supplicants of beauty will find themselves in a reverent state of awe that will immediately impress upon them a new paradigm of light and hope, one that they will use to measure their happiness against for the rest of their lives.

Despite our seemingly mythical abilities, we are not deities, and there are limits, few as they may be, to our capabilities. Due to the metaphysical nature of the work involved in creating the MFSICNYSTDT we were only able to make a limited amount of these wondrous t-shirts. These t-shirts utilize a centuries old Shibori dyeing technique that can be traced back to the benevolent lords of feudal Japan. This is combined with ICNY’s cosmically reflective printing properties to exquisitely capture Manual for Speed’s most sacred mantra, SPEED SPEED SPEED. Unfortunately this forging of new and old, of past and future, was not sustainable, and the rift it created in the cosmic fabric could not be kept open for fear of a complete cosmic collapse. We printed what we could and closed the rift, leaving the universe intact while creating an extremely limited number of t-shirts that will affect innumerable lives for years and centuries to come.


As noted, the MFS x ICNY Shibori Tie-Dye Tee was created with mysterious cosmic and meta-cosmic powers. Not only is the shirt mysterious and fully cosmic in and of itself, but it also guarantees the wearer all manner of cosmic and meta-cosmic powers. Here is a list of 10 actions that we guarantee to be positively affected by the MFS x ICNY Shibori Tie-Dye Tee’s cosmic and meta-cosmic powers.

  1. Changing Car Tires1 (please see below)
  2. Finding Wifi Hot-Spots
  3. Recognizing True #Chillers
  4. Finding Coins on the Ground
  5. Eating Ice Cream
  6. Making Toast
  7. Laughing at Funny Jokes
  8. Drinking Sparkling Water
  9. Appreciating Speed2
  10. Engaging with Strangers


The shibori dye process is like manifesting spirit into form out of the Primordial Chaos.  I have some exercise of intent, will and control, but what comes out of the dye vat through the mysterious alchemical interactions of the colors, fabric and the forces involved is unique, personal and alive.

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